My Voice

At the suggestion of the lovely Roda. It's a song I've loved since I was about 15. It's not the coolest or most alternative, obscure song...but I love it. Me talking in link 1 and the song, acapella in link 2. Love to all 💙  



I've finally understood it all. My tears though, they refuse to fall. Trapped within They drown my will, I'm barely breathing Empty Still. I've lost a love. I've lost a friend. And here alone I'm at the End. My hope diminished Fire put out My voice now Just a whispered shout. I'm sorry that I'm... Continue Reading →

Karmic Quatrain #2

Do not look upon me now, your chance has finally passed... This beauty, magic, love desire, upon the ground you cast. The sweet, warm sensual love I laid across your soul has faded... Do not dare to claim my heart, It's absent, fractured...jaded.

Kiss My Fire Goodbye

Well... I realised today that you don't read my words. I thought you did. Even this is... ridiculous. You're not reading it. Yet I'm talking to you. The sky fell on me. This morning around 8am . It knocked the essence out of me. I'm carrying parts of it now and it's too heavy. Too,... Continue Reading →

My body, My Mountain…My Ghost

I inhale the sweet , frozen taste of my bright self upon this mountain and exhale with fervent relief my self loathing. And again... Here I stand on my mountain...bare and revealed to I am only me here and my other me is away for now. I'm up here in my dreamscape standing naked... Continue Reading →


I think it's time to pause the moon, To pack away the sunrise soon, It's time I think to stop these clocks, The ticking time my heartbeat mocks. I asked the sky to please slow down, Enough I said, or I may drown. Drown in efforts, futile, moot, Like past notes from a frozen flute.... Continue Reading →

Happy…reading-scattered wishes

On my mountain, through a star, Past aurora, sensed afar. In my mind but on the floor, Knocking at a bolted door. Dark regressions, Past obsessions, Pleasurable, sensual sessions. On my knees, and on my lips, Remember, your hands on my hips? Hurts to think about To care... Kiss my neck Pull back my hair...... Continue Reading →

The Problem Was…

I want it all please Only me. I wasn't all your eyes could see... The problem was I craved it all, Your sweet attention made me fall. I couldn't stand to share your touch And YOU You spread yourself too much... And that was always far too painful, And my behaviour then- Disdainful. Please don't... Continue Reading →

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