Fiery Whispered Couplet #2

  Nothing to see here!  


Hello and see you soon 💜

Firstly, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. Sending so much love and friendship to you.   The blog went private, I wrongly thought followers would be able to read it but nope! So it's all normal now. Sorry for weird confusions there.   I'll be posting sporadically. Then in a month or so more... Continue Reading →


It's time isn't it Time to stop. Shut up Shop Stop being a fool, an idiot a martyr For starters No one wants to hear that Do they know how hard this is of course, everyone knows I'm not unique in any way I thought (stupid stupid thoughts and brain) that I was a rainbow... Continue Reading →

Decimate the Dark

Please I beg you Dry my tears It's dark and I can't see. My pieces have been torn asunder And I'm barely me.   My body aches From blackened thoughts It weeps from ever pore I'm suffocating in the midnight blackness To my core.   I'm reaching out It's taking all my strength It kills... Continue Reading →


This may be the most ineffable piece I've ever written. I've missed this. Just pouring words out, irrespective of response. (Yes, I know YOU have been privvy to my effed up thoughts, but not everyone has 😏) I'm full of words, yet lost for words. Ironic? Ironic that I'm questioning the irony of my words,... Continue Reading →

Resist Me

My body lies upon this bed This bed emblazoned in my head A shroud of silence covers me A shroud of words that you won't free.   Free them so that I may breathe Breathe my lips My breast I heave Listen when I mutely cry Cry this fire my eyes belie.   Lie to... Continue Reading →

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