Scarlet and the Devil

  The house is silent. Scarlet sits in the kitchen, mindlessly stirring a coffee. One shoulder bare from the slouching, oversized jumper she's wearing, long hair up and out of the way except for a few stray strands of curls falling into her field of vision- which at the moment includes coffee, table, ashtray, tear... Continue Reading →


…come with me

Listen...yes, I'm so, ever so softly beckoning you...Only you. You make me forget all remnant vexation and desolation of the near yet far , far away past (at last) so, I thought... Maybe we should just step this way, into those shadows over there... And be Just be. It's one has to know... it's... Continue Reading →

Blank for days then this

Time drips down my window pane, Chances flow into the drain, Moral compass broken smashed, Without ethics Unabashed.   Heartbeats leap into the fire, Sense walks out, she's such a liar Loyalty just up and left All alone I am bereft.   Desire died, I buried it Piled the dirt on Rose bud hit Lost... Continue Reading →

Ssshh, please

It's very quiet here today It's peaceful I suppose. But yesterday a darkened shroud My morals did enclose. I'll use the cliché 'hit rock bottom' Just to illustrate, That sometimes we're the architects Of our own bleeding fate. If life were like a pathway Strewn with burning blades and hearts, I've stabbed myself a thousand... Continue Reading →

Another, in my humble estimation, effing good poem. Also graphic, vulgar and a little disturbing but…this is my fucking blog so…you know. If you’re easily offended…go. And YOU….you can stay because you’re a little dark and I kind of love you

Bleeding stopped. Cherry popped. Orgasmic, thunderous yelling - cropped. Darkened shadow Still quite bright Guiding this lost soul tonight. Pepper, spicy Love, enticy Juggling dual lives is dicey. Down below Fires glow Touch and burn Your choice You know. Here I am PB and jam Or just as yummy- Cheese and ham. Simple things I... Continue Reading →

Quietly Ignited Flames

*After today, I may be gone just for a little while...or at least my presence will be sporadic.  How much you all mean to my healing soul is impossible to put into words* 🖤 Quietly Ignited Flames I may be gone, In flight, Afar... Up in the heavens, Kissing stars.   I could escape you,... Continue Reading →

Light as a Feather

Peace I need it Crave it so. My labyrinthine Neuropaths Started to slow My weak seratonin Has emptied my brain, And this line will most likely end with some Rain     Quiet I desire it To fill me Sedate me. And all of my tears Through the years They berate me.   Sweetness Tranquility... Continue Reading →

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