Tastes in the Darkness

He promised me the pain would end, To scars I wouldn't have to tend, He promised once and twice and more, And yet the dark is at my door.   My worth of self and worth of mind, Are absent and I cannot find A way to wade out of this lake Of faults, and... Continue Reading →


In my head and in my heart

In true 'me' form, I have been second guessing and rethinking everything I said yesterday. But I've said it now. It needed to be out, because inside, it was hurting. It hurts outside, too but the love and compassion I have received is...I really don't feel I deserve it at all. But I thank you... Continue Reading →


Billowing smoke of my glowing remains, A toke or drink will not stifle these pains, Ashes surround me, they choke me with ease, As others I desperately try to please. I stand in the midst of disaster and shame, And ask if divinity's playing a game, I wonder if all of these burns will soon... Continue Reading →

come with me… please

Come with me...please We had a little passing moment, didn't we? But ssshh... don't tell, okay? And be gentle, be soothing, be my rock hard Warm Pillow to lay My head on. Just step this way... for me? Please? Just pause in front of me With me You can hold my hand a while, if... Continue Reading →

Fires are burning bright today, Butterflies are on their way... Feeling warm and filled with need, For some pure poetic greed, But beware, you may be burned, As my tables I have turned...

I was about to give up and stop writing anymore stupid, stupid poetry then walk away and say “so long and thanks for all the fish,” (Hitchhiker’s reference 😉) but then this popped in and I said okay, fine I’ll stay. Great opportunity to write a ridiculous title. Still reading? Good on you! So I suppose this is another effing good poem, although sometimes I get bored of me. Like, yes, we get it,you write poetry…okay already. You’re all so fab by the way. Seriously. Love you 💟

I'm flying away to empty lands I've got my heart held in my hands I've left my memories back there , The nothing flowing through my hair I've locked the doors Switched off the moon, I've covered up the 'loved too soon' I've binned the 'promise you, it's true' And shredded 'no one else but... Continue Reading →

Debauching and Ravishing My Thoughts

Blank and white and bare. Pavements under foot and understood. Harpies fleeing from the phoenix's burning stare rampant with lascivious, lustful thoughts purged through the infinite writing of its wings upon the frosty spectrum of the firmament. Attempts at peace and placation and a brainial vacation (or holiday being the absolute notion) climbs fraught with... Continue Reading →

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