Tastes in the Darkness

He promised me the pain would end, To scars I wouldn't have to tend, He promised once and twice and more, And yet the dark is at my door.   My worth of self and worth of mind, Are absent and I cannot find A way to wade out of this lake Of faults, and... Continue Reading →


In my head and in my heart

In true 'me' form, I have been second guessing and rethinking everything I said yesterday. But I've said it now. It needed to be out, because inside, it was hurting. It hurts outside, too but the love and compassion I have received is...I really don't feel I deserve it at all. But I thank you... Continue Reading →


Billowing smoke of my glowing remains, A toke or drink will not stifle these pains, Ashes surround me, they choke me with ease, As others I desperately try to please. I stand in the midst of disaster and shame, And ask if divinity's playing a game, I wonder if all of these burns will soon... Continue Reading →

I hate what I am about to write

I am crying today. I wasn't going to write, but the house is unusually peaceful and I should take advantage of that. But I have spent the morning cuddling my little one, and when he is not looking, letting my tears fall. I have become an expert at showing a smiling mask and a voice... Continue Reading →

come with me… please

Come with me...please We had a little passing moment, didn't we? But ssshh... don't tell, okay? And be gentle, be soothing, be my rock hard Warm Pillow to lay My head on. Just step this way... for me? Please? Just pause in front of me With me You can hold my hand a while, if... Continue Reading →

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