Nonsensical sense from my innocence

Impossible is trying to do more than you can do. Irresistible is trying to beat away your desires with a whip made of leaden feathers. Depression is the sacrifice of control of your destiny. Existence is knowing we may not actually exist but we revel in existence's sweet seduction. Poetry is beauty embodied in thoughts... Continue Reading →


Bite my lip and I’ll stay

Realities swept under rugs, deep and soft, Metaphors lifting my diction aloft, Feathers from quilts, downy, warm, pure and white. Suffocate breaths that are caught in the light.     Hang dirty laundry in winds they can see, Stains sunken in like the eyes of the sea, Sense doesn't make you But lack of it... Continue Reading →

Invert things and watch the poetry.

Truth that hides in paragraphs, Write in hidden eptiaphs, Stop this pumping in my veins, Stifle with embraces, pains.   Smile my mouth, And speak my lips, Blink my soul Touch fingertips.   Fan the flames that drip with heat, Shoot an arrow where we'll meet. Bite my kneck and make it bleed... Need my... Continue Reading →

Read between my…lines

Spread my body as words across a page, gaping and reaching parts of me that only the deepest of soul connections can reach, even fathom...even begin to understand. Stroke my face and trace your finger across my mien and see me as an artist looks upon a perfect vignette, begging the muses to grace him... Continue Reading →

Secret Wants

Taste my soul with wild abandon To Nirvana take me. Make me lose myself in you And from this dark sleep wake me.   Kiss these dripping, honeyed lips, Penetrate my mind, Wonder how, as sanity is begging to escape, We can be sweetly enmeshed In need's delicious cape.   Tantalise my aching warmth, And... Continue Reading →

Pure, unabashed, aching needs

I've  fought and battled wounds and clichés and over used, overly abused phrases, denoting a whore's worth in this painful plane of verisimilitude, undulating with excruciating pain, buckling my knees as I squeeze the last droplets of affection within this connection that was once shared for years and now deluged in sliced tears , flavoured... Continue Reading →

…come and take me

Breathe me in And watch my need... Kiss my soul with burning greed.   Say my name with deep desire, Others fail to snuff this fire. Take , devour, devastate... Pound through my lubricious state.   Free these chains, that cut my skin, Call me 'angel'  Lick my sin... Bleed my beating heart til dry,... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, things do change

In December, I wrote a post called Ineffable . This was not the first of its type, but it was the first  on THIS blog. I loved writing my Ineffable posts because it was my way of releasing my tendencies towards insanity and I would enjoy that so much. It was sweet release. But that particular... Continue Reading →

My body, my mountain and…you

  I stand in the snow, I'm naked and warm, My mountain surrounds me, my mind is a storm, But rainfall is pleasure, and snowfall caresses, I gasp as white purity kisses...undresses. For once where the darkness drowned more than my heart, A sensuous touch strokes my neck and I start... A body stands near... Continue Reading →

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