I was…but now…

  Accustomed I am to disguising the light, to hiding from truth and from destiny's sight. Used to the comfort of being alone, in mind and in thoughts I have often found home. Cloistered  behind bolted doors , windows barred, I thrived in the darkness and hearts became hard. Forgotten of self and remembered through... Continue Reading →


Path Alight

I stand beneath the moon tonight, I'm filled with magic, sweet delight. I wipe a tear at her mere  sight, And feel my core, in light- ignite.   You watch me as I naked stand, Incandesant, in this land, Where  memories can take your hand, Clearer now, I understand.   She floods my pathway, now ... Continue Reading →

A short absence

It's nearing the time of day when I usually sign off from here and chuck myself happily into the evening routine of mummyhood. But as of today, I will be absent or at least not quite as present for about a week. Nothing to be done about it, just how it is at certain times... Continue Reading →

Sweet, aching Balance

There is a strange and often unsettling balance of the eternal Yin and Yang that occurs when a deep understanding of self permeates your existence. While you feel an enlightement within  your very being, externally you could be punched, kicked, battered, bruised, strangled and abused and in an odd moment of acceptance at your outward... Continue Reading →

Fragments of Souls on Fire

I am dreaming. I walk up stone steps, barefoot. The steps should be cold under my feet but they are warm and cradling. I wear a soft, silk nightgown, I could be naked for the extent to which it covers my skin. Curves are apparent, mounds heave with anticipation and  delight. Warmth fills me. I... Continue Reading →

I blame the moon

Let's bid farewell to my mind's sweet egress, may it have a safe voyage with sanity's mess. Questionable actions, decisions that taunt, and a memory of something I quietly haunt. I wanted to speak and to freely express, this sensation of madness at life's cruel behest. And I stumbled upon, well no, I dived right... Continue Reading →

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