My Couplet Runneth Over #7

Cold, golden chains, forged by my own two hands,  they bind hold and grip from within,  A ghost of a key I cannot yet see, will unchain my old soul from its sin.



Dearest Love, I make a promise to you made of a million promises from my soul to yours, which has been sitting  patiently yet impatiently for centuries waiting  to feel this touch. Tears cloud my sight as I try to poorly write the feelings which can never be adequately expressed through the poverty of simple... Continue Reading →

Fiery Song

Vocal chords, not made for speech,  Your mind and soul they try to reach,  Never discordant they curve and then  travel, A story of souls they are trying to unravel.  Made of silken whisps of note, They sing of songs we both once wrote, And as I tense my longing centre, Pushing tuneful words that... Continue Reading →

Sub Rosa

How pounding were your quiet, tip toed footsteps towards my soul that day our paths crossed. Echoed in the incessant beating of my heart, a symphony played across the multiverse, whose euphonious melody made the  gods scream and cry out in envy at this sumptuous and   aeonic connection.  Quiet is this love, carefully hidden in... Continue Reading →

How to Pause My Spirit

Cover me in blankets, please Place some pillows on my knees, Tie my feet with satin, tight Blindfold me with midnight's light. Scarves of silk should bind my lips, Looks of scorn, my fingertips (lest they wander on their own, to places warm that your hands own) On my stomach, anvil -lead Stop these lepidoptera,... Continue Reading →

Things in a box

In a chest there sits a box, and in this box, sits darkness, Nox. And in that darkness, sits a cup and from its dew I often sup. And in that cup there stands a flower, wilting slowly, hour by hour, and on its petals resting there, a soft and silver angel hair, upon that... Continue Reading →

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