My Voyeuristic Heart

I watched her from above as she Took fists and words and screams I watched her as he called her names And tore her at the seams. I watched her as she held her child and blamed herself for this,  I watched her as with threats and words Drip drop  He took her bliss.  I... Continue Reading →


My Couplet Runneth Over #10

I cannot quite fathom the thoughts you impart; discordant dissonance chimes, But why must you shield me from floods of your heart; we've lived this love one thousand times

Your Words

Your words Jealous I am of them, as they emerge from your beautiful mind, escape softly through your vocal chords, slip over your tongue and brush your lips as they make their way towards me. They touch your parted mouth where I cannot. Your words Open my windows, just to steal a glance at my... Continue Reading →

Sporadic Fire

Comfort and peace of mind can often come from places we least exptect. And the inverse of everything in that sentence is also true. I am here for my sanity. For my peace. For beautiful words from wonderful people. If I couldn't express myself here, life would be starkly different . I have been a... Continue Reading →

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