The Professor and Selene: Chapter 9 -So Much More Than This…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Interlude Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8   Transcribed from Professor Aeneas  5.30 am ...whispering her name over and over against her ear and feeling the tiny, soft hairs stand on end...until this moment when she softly breathed I want you into my lips, our... Continue Reading →


Floating, The Ground and Other Glaringly Obvious Metaphors

Feeling sometimes like I am adrift (no, not on Memory Bliss. Although...) Days float past,weeks... you know how the prescribed way of measuring the passing of time goes. Feel like sometimes I want to make everything I say rhyme because that is a very good curtain and shield and other concealing devices. But I can't... Continue Reading →

You First…

I cannot quite contain this flame, That surely, deeply screams my name That knows me, eats my sense alive And with its heat, my need derive.   I cannot, will not play these games That switch 'twixt epithets of shame  But not allow myself will I, To live within a painful lie,   Speak truths... Continue Reading →


I held a poem, kept it safe, I warmed it in my palm. I stroked its words and kissed its eyes It's storm I wished to calm.   Its raging flood, it would not rest, I held it tightly to my chest I heaved my trembling, ardent breast And praised it like a Psalm.  ... Continue Reading →

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