Smouldering Vignette

She sits by the window looking down at the midnight street. 

A glass of wine in hand, not having any attention paid to it by her, it idly sits in her hand as she is distracted by the moonlight and streetlight and night sounds of this city she doesn’t know at all. 

She sighs.

The apartment is dark and quiet. Shrouded in a blue veil of hours she should be sleeping through.

But no sleep will come.

She wears a loose shirt and nothing else and feels no chill on her flesh. How could she after the sweet,warm painfully, beautiful intense night they just shared.

She traces her lips with her finger as a memory of kisses and tastes floods her sense.

A smile.

A surge of warm honey-winged butterflies wreak havoc on her stomach and her heart beats so loudly, she is sure its incessant rhythm will wake him.

She takes a sip, places the glass delicately down on the window sill.

She begins humming a soft melody, a song that played last night as they moved in delicious ecstasy and longing and kisses drowned their doubts and breathed  life into their gasping lungs and thirsty lips and sealed the fractures and wounds of their hearts.

She stands up and peers down at the street again. A soft rain begins to fall; stardust it seems to be in the isolated beams of the street lights.

Another sigh and she closes her eyes, never ceasing to think of the sensation of his hands on her body, his lips demanding a taste of every inch of her and she, succumbing to his every desire…

Strong arms circle her waist and her body is aflame with longing and…something else… once more.

Leaning back into this embrace , soft lips on her ear say,

“What are you thinking about, beautiful?” A kiss on her earlobe…shivers

A soft bite…floods of warmth between her legs.

“You,” she whispers, covering his hands with hers as they stroke their way down her stomach, over her belly, further down..

“That’s all?”

A taste of her neck, an urgent press of desire on the small of her back. She whispers a moan.

“And Us.” Pulse racing

“And…?” A hand returning to where it belongs, she breathes heavily, gasping in quiet, desirous breaths.

“There’s nothing else.”

He smiles. “I know.”




18 thoughts on “Smouldering Vignette

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      1. It’s been working its magic slowly and for a while, this one. I couldn’t get it quite right before. But something clicked this morning.
        I am very heart-beaty that you liked it.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha…well! That’s totally understandable! 😂

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I appreciate it so much. I enjoy writing simple scenes sometimes. They have strength in meaning and a subtle beauty. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I allow it and encourage it! Speechlessness is vastly underrated.
      Thank you a million times though. This really made me happy. I have wanted to write this for a while and couldn’t quite get it right. Actually… between you and me and everyone reading this comment, lol I may make this into a little series of vignettes. Same couple. Different facets and moments. Maybe!
      Hugging you ❤️


    1. I didn’t even think of film noir when I wrote this, you know. But it was so important to convey the dark Street, rain and shadows so maybe I was channeling the genre I like so much.
      Loving the ‘dash’ of erotica…thank you so much Vampire slayer. Means a lot that you read me

      Liked by 1 person

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