My Heartbeat

No life force blood would course my veins,

Vindictive knives would cause me pains, 

And empty would my soul soon be,

If far from away you drift from me.

My appetite would suffer too,

If I’m deprived a taste of you,

And languid breaths would soon desist

If for my love, you won’t persist.

My silken skin, that craves your lips,

Would bleed in agonising drips

If close to me you cannot be

A shadow of a brighter me.

I’d blind my eyes, so if you left-

My sight would mourn you, lost, bereft

I’d halt these heartbeats, yours they are

And lock them in a Heartbreak Jar.

If words do fail, forgive me please.

They suffer while I’m on my knees,

My lips, I’d lock them both away,

They’d never see the light of day

You see me though,

I’m Yours

It’s true.

My Heartbeat

There is only You.



29 thoughts on “My Heartbeat

Add yours

    1. Hey you! Lovely to see you here reading me. Makes me very happy.
      Thank you for your kind words, so sweet. It’s exactly that I think..right between those two heart filling places.
      Thank you for reading, dear. Love to hear your thoughts! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now who’s being formal????
        Right well, thank you muchly kind sir for your words of charm and delectable coy affections. They are much appreciated by this blushing lady poet and are returned ten fold, I am sure.

        Rolling my eyes at you.
        Plus a hug

        Liked by 2 people

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