Cruel Chronometry

Stuck between a time and space, where minutes mock and clocks won’t race, where stars move backwards, moon stands still, and beasts attempt to break my will. Stuck between a time and space, the air has paused the hours in place. Our bridge is whispering today…I’ll write and love the time away.


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    1. Thank you Mr Lonely Author. Even with your terribly serious tone, you are still super duper charming.
      I dont think i can take any credit for being creative, i have been cursing the clocks for almost 48 hours so something was bound to get cooked up in my head eventually.
      But the meaning came straight from my heart. Makes me happy that you noticed.

      You know….i think i am due a good one so thank you for that little wish.

      Hugging you a bit too long β™₯

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      1. Understood. Well, great minds think alike.
        Not that I am working on any clock poetry, just thought it would be smart if I said that.

        Thankfully, I reread this comment before hitting send, almost left out the “L” on clock. That would have been awkward.

        Now, back to the matter at hand, which has long escaped me. This as most of your work came from the heart. Emotion is always dripping in your work.

        Hug accepted with open arms, just be careful with the neck. Squeeze too hard and you may detach my retina again.

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      2. Well..that missing L would have been a blunder. Although it could be a whole new category of naughty poetry around here.

        Dripping emotions is becoming hazardous for me actually. Funny you should mention it. Dangerous you know, i could be in danger of severely falling..

        I will handle you with care, dont worry β™‘

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