This… poetry

This poetry is hard to grasp, encased  and held by golden clasp. It comes to me in shouting screams and pulls apart my mind-heart’s seams. It beats against my head and yet, when poetry and I we met, still young and not yet broken me (my rhythmic rhymes it helped me see) became enveloped in the dark and drowned within a violent mark.

Yet now no darkness can I write, this poetry has set its sight upon a perfect poet such as one might love, yes… far too much.

These verses that now flow with ease, they push me down upon my knees and force me, hold me, make me taste a metaphor I must not waste.

As gently you caress my words, whose  broken wings like flightless birds, you’ve elevated from the pain and held them fast in dripping rain, and moist and soaking here they are, upon a page that’s placed afar, yet touch you with them may I just, as fearfully I place my trust, within your arms, and lonely charms, your essence takes me yet it calms.

And though the words I twist and turn, as silently in love I burn, the scalding heat that bathes me bare is freezing and cannot compare with private whispers held in Time, eternal like a silent chime whose sound will carry swift my voice, and ask you no divisive choice, yet only may I try to speak before this love will make me weak.

And words and meanings seem so poor, I wish and want that they’d mean more, they halt my heart for as it bleeds, you heal it with your light and deeds. And as I sit within your sight, transparent do I feel, yet right. I fear  my soul you clearly see, a vision of enamoured Me.

Unbreakable this need of mine,

Intense, these shivers down my spine

And all that I can gently do…

This secret, silent verse for you.



101 thoughts on “This… poetry

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    1. Oh my… that was a very warm and smouldering comment, gorgeous. I feel very special indeed. *Fanning myself*
      I love YOUR poetry so I think we are on the same page. Hugging you ❤️


  1. This was tender, loving, and so delightful to read. It warmed hearts and calmed souls.
    Loved how you said no darkness you can write. (I will try to behave and skip the visual of you on your knees). Adored the whole you being elevated. That was beautiful.

    This entire piece was gorogeous from start to finish. A very inspiring ode to love and inspiration, and the wonderful healing of a special soul.

    This was perhaps, one of your best.

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    1. Oh well…I thought for sure you wouldn’t skip that part but I guess I got you on a well behaved day .
      I can’t write that stuff anymore. It feels very wrong. I am all fluffy and hot, I mean WARM these days.

      But thank you for your wonderful praise. As usual. I’m always a bit lost for words (yes, me. Lost for words) when you say stuff like this
      I was trying to give back a little bit of what’s been coming my way lately. I hope I succeeded.
      You think it’s one of my best…
      I could do more

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      1. Trying to behave Oh Fiery One.
        You can’t write what anymore?
        Don’t tell me the smouldering poet has slowly burned out.

        Well, I hope you continue to receive the affections you need. This post was gorgeous and inspiring.

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      2. You’re doing well. Proud of you Mr Lonely Author.

        I can’t write the dark stuff anymore I meant.
        The smouldering stuff just keeps burning.
        I hope so too. It would be a cold place without those affections.

        I do like to inspire

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      3. Lol. Picturing it now!
        As if I wouldn’t be able to write that stuff anymore! Honestly…pay attention when I speak.
        If that ever happened, I’d shut the blog down, move to Tibet and be done with it all.
        It’s all sensual tender love these days. Just saying, in case you hadn’t noticed

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ah, I see said ther blind man.
        How could Ms Smouldering not entertain us with her steamy side.
        But this tender side is flcikering in such a lovely way. Warming everything and everyone about her. We are flies swarming to your light.

        I noticed…

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  2. I never get jealous of rhyme verses because my capacity to rhyme is on par with a toddler but that never keeps me from appreciating it! But this…?!?! Lovely! Honestly it’s prose in its truest form and hand wrapped by you so of course I adore it. 😊 I think both of our goddesses are speaking to us today! ♥️♥️♥️

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    1. Thank you my love! So happy you liked it!
      I think you’re right … My Goddess is on a heavenly roll these days! And yours…well I already gushed about it to you xxx

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    1. Oh Christopher. You always say the sweetest things to me.
      Thank you. This was a special one for me and your words have made me smile this morning.
      Sorry I haven’t been commenting a lot on your blog. I will catch up.
      Big hugs ❤️

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  3. I see this as a message to which I must pay heed, especially “they halt my heart for as it bleeds, you heal it with your light and deeds.” There is someone in my life who is seeking healing and only by patient light an deeds will I be of any help to her.

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    1. Patience and light are the only ways to help someone who is troubled. You will do that for her. You seem to have a very kind heart. I am so happy this touched you and meant something to you ❤️

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    1. Thank you… I don’t know what’s wrong with me today but I am hyper emotional and everyone keeps saying lovely things to me and I am all teary.
      I just write what’s inside. If I don’t let it out, it fights me!

      Thank you so much. You really touched me ❤️😘

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      1. yes in 1998, it was deeply sad .. at least 5 Hun Chinese to every Tibetan, and they were the road workers and beggars, not allowed to own businesses and only allowed education if they were party members…. so disappointing!

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      2. the real Tibet is in exile in the Himalayas near the Dalia Lama’s residence 🙂
        The communist party destroyed anything Tibetan, now they cash in on it for tourism but those ‘pretend’ monks only study and speak in the Chinese languages 😦

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    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment. That means a great deal. That part is a pretty accurate description of how I feel mostly.
      Thank you for visiting. Many hugs


    1. You know what.. I have no idea what this is! Really I just write and have little control over what comes out lol.
      This is the way I write poetry. Everyone is different. I don’t like labelled poetry. No one really cares what form a poem is in. Well I don’t! I love it when my little verses make people feel things.
      It’s not ignorance at all. You don’t know me but I like a curious mind so you’re all good with me here.
      Thank you for reading me. I will be visiting your blog very soon.


      1. I appreciate the feedback. I too could never get my poetry to fit a certain mode. Most of mine rhyme. But it is the heart behind it that I find important. I will be releasing my previously written poetry, as well as some current. I will date the older ones . I hope you never stop writing.

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  4. It really pays to understand what you feel and be able to craft lovely creations like you do. Keep them up! I also aspire to be a content creator like you. Please continue having these posts! xoxo

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    1. I was smiling from ear to ear when I read this.
      Thank you so much, for your wonderful words.
      I have an obsessive tendency towards the flow and rhythm. That it’s appreciated in this way means a lot.
      Thank you. ‘Intense’ is a word hat follows me around quite a bit!
      Lovely to have you read me.
      Have a wonderful day x

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