Touching my… Smouldering Vignette




The room is dark.

It’s some hour close to dawn.

The only light is from the phone still playing their favourite songs quietly, oblivious to what she is silently, warmly contemplating.

White sheets twisted and in delicious disarray from the night that just passed.

She is cradled within these remnants of lustful chaos, alabaster skin glowing from sweet release, the scent of their bodies, their kisses, their touches lingering all over her like an expensive perfume of desire that has been deeply fucked into her every pore. Her dark hair wild and disobedient lays in spent bliss around her head as she begins to think of his hands buried there, pulling hard and telling her she’s his…making sure she never, ever forgets that.

He is in the shower, thinking she was asleep. She hears the shower running for a little while, imagines the water running over his body, reaching , touching parts where her tongue had been a short while ago.

The water stops.

She can’t make out any other sounds and knows soon he’ll be back next to her.

She wears nothing but black stockings. She was told not to take them off, and she always does what he tells her. Mostly .

Sheer and soft as her own skin, they kiss the warm flesh of her legs and thighs, closer than a lover could get, caressing every curve, holding her tightly. She lifts one leg up and runs her hand over the length, feeling the sensations travel upwards, arousing her once more, remembering his fingers stroking their way towards exactly where she needs them. His mouth, tasting its way to her lips..

Closing her eyes, allowing thoughts of him to fill her as they always do, she places a finger to her mouth, parts her lips slightly and wets her fingertips with her tongue.

And then she hears his quiet footsteps approaching, as they stop at the bedroom door.

He’s watching her.

She knows it and it arouses her beyond explanation.

Seemingly unaware of him, she traces a wet finger down her neck, slowly between her breasts, lingering there to touch softly, to caress and play a little while for him as she licks her lips and lets out a barely audible, whispered moan.

Moving her hands over her stomach, brushing them over the shape of her hips, she arches her back as her skin reacts to her own desirous touch.

She teases herself with her fingers over her stomach, the small mound of her belly, lower and lower tracing the warm, moist shape of her arousal but not allowing herself satisfaction… not yet.

She senses a smile in the darkness and her own begins to form on her lips.

She slowly parts her legs with both hands, gripping the soft flesh of her inner thigh a little too tightly, hoping she will leave marks for him to see and kiss and taste when he joins her.

She lifts her knees and feels herself becoming ever more ready for him…or perhaps for herself. Slowly down her smooth, stockinged thighs she persists in this pleasure, in this lascivious performance for him, becoming more wet, more open for him and for her own fingers as the seconds pass, and her back arches , her hands taking on a mind of their own…his mind.

She begins to slowly touch the wet lips between her legs, aching and warm and needing to be touched…just…like…that as her sounds of deep pleasure carry their way towards him, she hears his breathing becoming deep and heavy in the darkness.

With one hand very slowly cupping her breast, her other begins to do as she needs and wants, moving in slow movements over her need for him as she gently pushes a finger…then two inside her essence and allows her moans and mmms to come out as they were meant to.

In a soft , throbbing rhythm, she slips them in and out, over and over, the sound of her wetness driving him quietly insane, knowing so very well how he loves the sounds of her wet arousal…she arches her back, pushing deeper and deeper as deep as she can, her body moving to this dance of self pleasure.

She hears sounds of movement by the door and knows what he is doing as he watches her, the scent of their bodies once again filling the room..he is walking towards the bed silently but she pays him no attention…not yet.

She allows her other hand to join the pleasure mounting between her legs, while she deeply pushes her fingers further, deeper until it hurts and she lets out sounds of ecstatic agony, her other hand stroking her wet, hot button of arousal, the way she knows he likes, the way she loves, the way his tongue will do very soon , knowing that this will be the deepest , longest trembling explosion …just for him and all for her…she lets herself say yes, yes, god sweet, painful, shivering waves of pleasure pour themselves through her body… uncontrollable she is now, writhing in these sheets, pushing her hands everywhere, more and more, until she and they are soaking in sweet juices of taste that she needs him right now to put his mouth over…the thought of that sending her over the edge as she rolls her head back, her hands locked in perfect, self pleasure, moving faster and more urgently, wetter and hotter  in their place between her legs, knowing he wants her now more ever, she doesn’t stop, bringing this perfect orgasm to a shuddering climax…she breathes heavier and faster, unable to catch her breath and as she opens her eyes, he is there…without a single word, he is next to her, his mouth kissing her deeply, his hands gripping her body, her whispers of I want you inside me, please touching his ears with wet warm lips and he is on top of her, adoring her with his hands, worshipping her with his mouth, loving her with every word he whispers in her ear…

You’ve been a very bad girl…he says to her, looking into her eyes, her legs wrapped around his waist, ready for him to just fucking take her.

I know…she answers.






57 thoughts on “Touching my… Smouldering Vignette

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  1. It’s so delicious to read these post specially in winters. Hahaha. I am sure you understand what I mean. They are so so so hot. But there is always that hint of romance and love underlying your every post. It gives such a beautiful feeling to everything you pen with your beautiful mind. I loved this post. Hot temptation.♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I know what you mean, gorgeous.
      They are my little gift of delicious, I love writing these. And I am very very pleased you enjoyed it… hot temptation is the best and only kind I like to partake in.
      I always put love and romance because I have to. This wouldn’t mean anything if I didn’t. I can Google porn if that’s what I want, lol but I can’t write anything like this if it is empty. The characters only feel this way and this much desire because they are deeply lost in each other.
      Am I still talking??

      Very .. touched you enjoyed this.
      You’ve made me very smiley and warm 😉💋

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Have some fire emojis to bring more warmth and goodness into this day, especially after reading this. It’s perhaps a new fave of mine from you, dearest M!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it…well that is wonderful.🔥
      I think it’s a new favourite of mine too!!
      Thank you my love. I like it when you approve of the naughty ones …

      Big hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😬😇💋♥️🔥⭐️

        Honest woman, the naughty ones are just as grand as the poems (sometimes maybe a teeny tiny bit better. But that’s a biased opinion at this point!!)

        Big hugs! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it will sell millions of copies to those women that like playing in the danger zone. The fear is Hyperion’s angst that he’ll run out of ammo before he runs out of targets. Muwaaah haaaa haaaaaaaa! 😈

        Liked by 1 person

  3. He better fucking take her.

    This was the most sizzling piece of erotica I have read in my three years of blogging. This was a four alarm fire. Smouldering, sizzling, and breathtaking.

    Wait a minute while I adjust my pants.

    Ok, the visuals were perfect, steamy, and a dream come true.
    I was so wishing that was me.

    Bravo Ms Fiery.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh he’ll take her. Don’t worry about that.

      She was a bad girl and needs to be punished GOOD.

      In fact, that may be the next one of these never know 🔥

      Can’t tell you how very very … something it is that you enjoyed this so much. I’m flattered and other stuff by your enjoyment of my little voyeuristic hotness here.
      Should I wait for you to sort yourself out there…done? Okay

      You were wishing you were the hot sexy woman on the bed, wet with desire?

      I see what you meant.

      She was definitely flooded with some smoking ,fiery thoughts about someone. Let your imagination run wild, Mr Lonely Author

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I am new to this blog, and I am certainly hooked. I don’t know whether it’s how beautiful thins piece or how beautiful you write but which ever it is, I love it.
    I aspire to write like this one day. You are gifted. Loved reading this, could possibly read it again just to re live the feeling again.
    Amazing ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well hi. I just loved reading this comment. You are so sweet and I am over the moon to have you following and reading me.
      I can’t work out how to thank you for all these overwhelming compliments. How about a little fiery kiss and can’t wait for more of your AMAZING vists


      1. Yes and for “as it pours” looks great 🙂 I wish I could write like this, sigh
        Editing advice …bcz I read a book of Sol Stein (I’ll post “take aways” from the book) later this week & it was a lot about too long phrases/sentences. It is a first thing you have to #fix if u’d like ur text published for example..

        Liked by 1 person

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