Silent Discourse

By candlelight I speak with ghosts, Implore above the heavenly hosts I cut across a golden thread And lay upon a lying bed A path appears which mocks my sense Illuminates this frozen fence I tear apart the sands of time And fortify my soul in mime With silent pleas upon my knees I gather... Continue Reading →


Indigo Lima Yankee

A paragraph I have, A line A rhyme or two A secret sign A real gift I cannot share My heart beats here,¬† And yours elsewhere The slightest touch I cannot place Nor read the Love upon your face. But feel that my three words are true. My gift is simply I L... Y..  ... Continue Reading →

Box of Insanity

I keep my insanity locked up real good, for no one need see it and yet if I could, I'd let it all out and set life all ablaze and claw my way out of this sans logic maze. The box that I lock¬† is sealed tight every night, yet the demons within never sleep,... Continue Reading →


I reach across a space so vast Where True Love First will be the last. But useless are these hands of mine Within your own, they can't entwine. I call your name, no sound you hear And yet to you my love is clear. I shred myself in pieces two With hope that part of... Continue Reading →


I kiss this loneliness I feel, And wrap the wounds of Love Too Real, Place salve upon these cuts that Time is slicing from me verse by rhyme, This anxious weight upon my chest, I sing to it and let it rest. I close my teary eyes and see, Your Lonely Heart beats here with... Continue Reading →


Sadly, I will be a lot less present for a couple of weeks. There won't be much by way of poetry or reading everyone's lovely words. It's sad for me but it won't last too long. My little heart will feel the time passing much slower than the ticking clock that will be surely mocking... Continue Reading →


Racing heartbeats speak your name, as butterflies ignite a pain that whispers Love and teases fate of touches felt on souls too late. And mind ablaze as skin requires a flame of tongues to soothe these fires that promises have slipped between eternity I'd never seen. A body open- yours to take, a foolish sweetened... Continue Reading →

My Storm

Across a tightrope I have walked, with fallen angels I have talked. A soul I had, but kept it mine, for Purer Me I built a shrine. My innocence was ripped from me, I let it happen carelessly, as piece by piece my Self was cracked, I mourned the sanity I lacked. A million Lefts... Continue Reading →

Last night…

...we made love. Not sweet, innocent saccharin love. Not fake, meaningless empty love. Not the love that breaks the spirit and mind . Love that is Real. And True. Deep, hard, intense. Love that hurts so good, and aches with eternal need. Meaningful, purposeful, fateful, real. Urgent, slow, lustful. Love. You held me so close.... Continue Reading →

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