Last night…

…we made love. Not sweet, innocent saccharin love. Not fake, meaningless empty love. Not the love that breaks the spirit and mind . Love that is Real. And True.

Deep, hard, intense. Love that hurts so good, and aches with eternal need.

Meaningful, purposeful, fateful, real.

Urgent, slow, lustful. Love.

You held me so close. Stroked my hair, my face. Looked at me with the Love only you know how to give me. Placed your lips close to my ear and spoke to me in whispers of poetry and words only for Me, made for you…meant for Us.

Kissed me deeply with Forever. Unlocked my chains with touches sublime. You walked your hands down my pathways as though you paved them.Β 

I stroked my hand through your hair, down your neck, pulled you close for another kiss, begged you not to stop kissing me, please I said. I will never stop you answered. And your lips caressed mine, as I moaned in pleasure against your mouth, in deepest need for you, as we were always meant.

Your hands moved over my body, placing every curve in your palm, gripping my flesh so hard, lifting my thigh against your body. I told you how much I want you. You told me this is real, this is True. This is the gift for all the pain and heartbreak and heartaches and high stakes we’ve played against. Words you let your heart ink onto my soul and my pages. I love you you said. So much. Too much.Β 

Never have I wanted anyone this much. Never have I needed anyone this much and you slipped with such perfect longing inside me, making me gasp and sigh with love and fervent need for you… with the ease of two missing pieces meant to fit together despite being broken beyond repair, despite never finding their place, despite never thinking they ever would touch their softest, warmest Forever andΒ yet… we closed our eyes as we both felt this was what everything had been leading to for so fucking long, and we moved together as though we had always done this, always fit this way, bodies and heart and minds and as I wrapped my legs around your waist, pulling you deeper, and harder, begging you not to stop, needing you to keep kissing me this way, feeling my hands on your warm body, wishing I could stay in this moment forever, knowing this explosion building between my legs is yours, all yours because I am yours…every part of me belongs to you and wants you and aches for you day and night and cries in sweet agony for you and your Love as it is buried in my heart that beats only for you and cries and bleeds poetry for you and you promised me forever and I cried out your name as waves of this deepest pleasure took me and I felt you inside me, every drop of your deepest Love only for me and you held me close as I trembled beneath you in your arms, and you said my name and breathed I Love You into my life.

It felt so real.

And so does this.







38 thoughts on “Last night…

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  1. Waiter, I will have two of whatever she is drinking….

    Damn, this was smoking hot. Fiery and somebody sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
    Wow, this was sensual, steamy, and so full passion and love. A smoking exclamation
    of love and the wonders and excitement that come along with it.

    And I say this because fucking is one thing, but fucking someone you love. Aaaaaaah.
    Quite another.

    Loved this sensual submission to love and desire.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Who am in a tree with?? Well whoever it is better have good grip because I am not the outdoorsy type. Although…depends who I am outdoors with and what we’re doing.
      I am loving all this praise you are showering on me (STOP IMAGINING a hot shower scene) and I could get used to it, Mr Lonely Author. Actually I think I already am

      But I TOTALLY agree with you. Fucking someone you love is incomparable. I hope I managed to get that across with this because that’s exactly what I was aiming for.
      Did I say thank you? Lost all train of thought for a moment…πŸ”₯❀️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, this was sensual and sexual, but the love shined through illuminting this couple and their tender real feelings.

        You wrote this like a tight rope artist keeping a delicate balance between the love and the act of making hard raw love. You were able to keep that balance expertly.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s unfortunate to hear… everyone deserves a night such as this.
        There’s a great deal to be said for some quality alone time πŸ’•πŸ˜‰


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