My Storm

Across a tightrope I have walked, with fallen angels I have talked. A soul I had, but kept it mine, for Purer Me I built a shrine. My innocence was ripped from me, I let it happen carelessly, as piece by piece my Self was cracked, I mourned the sanity I lacked. A million Lefts I took but still, the Rights stood by my window sill, but panes of glass cut deep and so, I lived within the pain I know. I think I have forgotten now, just why I’m here or even how. The path towards the end… so far, and even if I hitch a star, the years I see alone in sleep, are hills and mountains far too steep. And yet I sit within a fire, complain of burns and scald desire, a bed of nails would comfort though, instead of waking here just…so. I can’t bemoan existence yet, for though too late, at least we met. And if I’m cold, these tears feel warm. Your voice, a song that calms my storm.


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  1. “Pleasure and pain, the good and the bad, are so intermixed that we cannot shun the one without depriving ourselves of the other.” – Francoise d’Aubigne, Marquise de Maintenon. I have always appreciated the wisdom in the Marquises words. To feel intensely is to feel it all and that only comes from experience. We are transformed by our pleasure and pain or destroyed by it. The outcome is only a matter of how we choose to feel and interpret what is the innate existence of who we are. Beautiful poem M. It seems you sit on the razor’s edge at the boundary between exquisite pleasure and immortal pain.

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  2. Sometimes I feel you are writing my heart in your poetry. I can never find such beautiful words to express and when I read your words I am blown. How could you have ever known? And the last line your voice is a song in my storm. I cannot tell you how much I love this. Thank you for writing thisπŸ€—πŸ€—β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

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    1. One of the most touching comments I’ve ever received. I just write what my heart beats out and that it touches you in this way means a lot to me. I never know how the things I write will affect anyone, if at all but I sense your lovely heart and it makes me happy. Very warm hug and kiss for you, gorgeous. Always be in love πŸ’•πŸ’•


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