Box of Insanity

I keep my insanity locked up real good, for no one need see it and yet if I could, I’d let it all out and set life all ablaze and claw my way out of this sans logic maze.

The box that I lockΒ  is sealed tight every night, yet the demons within never sleep, only fight. They reject all my efforts to keep them at bay and release demon drops through my gilded cage day.

The Crazy I keep in this box bolted shut, likes to toy with my Good as I rage and I cut, as I scream and I yell in this cold fucking hell, I lash out and myself, drain my own Sweetness Well. My expression contorted like ice melting fast, swearing fuck you and fuck YOU this kick is your last. Yet the rage and the hatred, the anger and lies, the blood stopping, soul chopping me in disguise, the one that says just fucking stop the sun dead, the angry young girl trapped inside my own head, the fear and the Shame and the just take the blame, the ugliness pouring like fucked acid rain, the use and abuse of the quieter me, the monster I am that you won’t fucking see, I shove it all down in that box, rotting black and I sleeplessly dream all my sanity back.


18 thoughts on “Box of Insanity

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  1. THIS is what it means to be human, my love. It’s raw and not beautiful but it’s so achingly real. I felt it down into my bones. Sure we have the beauty and the sublime we like to seeβ€” but this piece today? Yes, that’s part of it too and it’s the part a lot of people like to ignore. Thank you for sharing. β™₯️

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    1. Oh thank you honey. This was a ‘need to write’ poem. Didn’t know (or really care) how it would be taken as I just need to release this stuff sometimes for all the sexy love stuff to have space to come out.
      Aw..I have talents… you’ve made my day.
      Many cuddles

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    1. Hahaha! Too bloody funny.

      You know I also enjoy it when I get a bit sweary. There is a line in this where I think I go in a little Fuck You rampage. I enjoyed that a LOT!
      It is from a darker place but this actually helped so much. Get that bile out voluntarily before your stomach forces you to puke it out. Or something less graphic lol.


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