Beautiful Thief

Like a beautiful thief I steal moments from fate, though this karmic fortuity tempts me of late, she lays sheets of pure gold on my scarred shattered heart and through quantum entanglement pulls me apart. Though the time ticks away like a predestined chime, I reach out through the ether from your soul to mine and two wandering pieces ofΒ  fateful ascent reunite in a verse as they always were meant.Β  Abducted and ransacked Fate’s safehouse lays bare, for I’ve plundered her bounty, descended her stair, I use seconds and moments to place on your need, and in clandestine pockets of Love You I bleed. As my body lays weeping with wounds of past rain, we place droplets of tears on the scars for the pain. And the firmament opens revealing its plan, as my mind’s machinations like primitive man, only cry for my instinct to take all control , for this pathway magnetically knows my heart’s role. And in turmoil so sweet, I see games that aren’t there, I beg you forgive my mind’s glance t’wards despair, for these old battered pathways my head tries to take, are still cobbled and rugged with promises fake. Yet my heart knows its truth , and it speaks to me right, for your words speak to mine and my shadows they fight.

With my sweet stolen Moments held tight in my hands, I kiss Fate with a passion, for she understands.


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  1. Ah, yes. Those old pathways and quantum entanglements do play with our realities that we prefer. Dammit! I decided to create a different fantastical reality and 4 days into my new year, my ship has blown a head gasket in a tumbling sea. Just as I planned. Now, all I can do is go up to the captain’s deck to drink whisky and sing bawdy sailor songs. I need a siren to do the harmony. Are you in?

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    1. Lol H.
      You and your head elves are nutso.

      Of course I’ll join you. I am brilliant at harmonies! But be careful I don’t lure you into those rocks. I am a dangerous little siren πŸ˜‰

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      1. I knew in the Siren world you were the Empress of Davy Jones’ delight. He does like his pirate treasure collection. You have a beautiful voice. I’d ram the rock shoals everyday to listen to you sing.

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      2. Aww…how very charming and swashbuckling of you that you would maim and impale yourself upon the rocks to hear my dulcit tones.

        But not necessary. You could just ask lol

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    1. Did you read Hurt Me Please??? I think that was pretty heated lol. I will be posting Monday and I may have something with a LOT of heat. So… get comfy!
      But yes this was from the depths of my heart.
      Hope you’re well πŸ˜‰

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