I Need…

To wake in your arms, and not in my tears

Sense as you whisper away all my fears

Someone to take me, and take me you must,

As your love slays my demons and turns them to dust.

Soft urgent kisses, that promise your heart

Touches that soothe me, not rip me apart.

A voice that speaks worship of all that I am,

Not scalding hot curses, resentfulΒ 

A sham.

Deep understanding

And deeper desire

A man who will walk ‘cross hot coals and sweet fire.

A soulmate createdΒ 

Upon me fixated

A perfect repose for the pain not abated.

A poet, a lover

My darkness he knows

Who’ll ravish me savagelyΒ 

As my need grows.

A calming, strong presence

Accepting and true

Whose words lay me bare

Tracing senses anew.

A key to unlock this glass case from within

That will free me of doubt and of fear and of sin

The ground that I walk upon

Lauded and praised

The All that I give to be burned on you… blazed

One day or one night or one second of peace

One lifetime to spend ’til our breathing will cease.

A piece of me missing,

That won’t make me plead.

Imperfect perfection

Is all that I need.


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