My Heart Lost Its Mind

My heart lost its mind

I’ve been trying to find

A way to reciprocate Love of this kind

It’s acting quite sinful

(Deliciously so)

Its mind (were it here)

Would have surely said,  “No.”

But mindless and senseless

My poor heart just beats

And bleeds for your touch

In these warm, twisted sheets. 

My heart lost its mind

But not bothered am I.

It can mindlessly love you

And blissfully 



58 thoughts on “My Heart Lost Its Mind

Add yours

    1. Oh, why thank you madame. I am flattered.♡
      I loved that part too, you know.

      But if you think that’s spicy…my gosh you’ve not read some of my other posts!
      So sweet to have you around again

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am on effing fire. That is true.

      Do I normally get sighs out of you? I’m thinking it’s a rarity so I’m enjoying it…

      Thank you. My favourite line too. ❤️


      1. You throw your hmmms around willy nilly and don’t remember why…?
        Terrible Mr Lonely Author.

        Making you crazy am I…

        Join the effing club


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