As Eyelids Close

As dreams caress that midnight hour,

As eyelids slowly close;

Permission then I give to thoughts.

I breathe a soft repose.


And mindful am I of the pain

That distance does impose;

Emotions mirrored on your heart

Now open,  once was closed.


As pensive parts of me resist

To wander t’wards the dark,

A sky of stars upon my skin

Enlightens with its mark.


And on this night, within this bed

I hear hushed whispers speak;

And though a strength I somewhat had,

A secret presence makes me weak. 


And storms of madness rage unending,

Begging to be slayed;

To slash the sheets upon this clichéd 

Bed that I have made.


And shattered shards of broken heart

I place within your palm;

With tender force, you soothe these lacerations

with your calm.


And fear creeps in, though fight I do,

To keep these beasts at bay.

This blissful torment felt by both-

It tortures night and day.


As sleep descends,

My essence bends towards this will of yours,

A permanence of amorous 

Addiction soon out pours.


And all of me that cries to reach



(To pain I’m prone)

Impossible though it may feel,

Don’t leave me in

This world alone.


42 thoughts on “As Eyelids Close

Add yours

    1. Ah…that line.

      Astonished you picked it out from all of this because this whole poem, or at least the shadow of it came to me last night when I was trying to think before I sleep and that line walked right in to my head all on its own. And I shed a few tears, I can tell you.
      It was nearly the title. Then it became the last line.
      Means so much that it touched you.
      Many hugs

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      1. Aww. Bless you. Thanks. It touched me because I am all alone. But the whole poem led up to that last line, and it made me shed a tear or two. The line us perfect where it is. It startles when you get to it. It is a brilliant poem. Xx

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      2. Amazing thing to say to me thank you.

        I am sorry that you say you are alone. I couldn’t possibly presume why you feel this way but I can tell you around here you’re not alone- there are always virtual hugs going for free from me.
        Thank you for your lovely words ♥♥♥♥ and much love to you xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is so kind of you. Yes, we are not a,one in here. You are right. Wonderful people luve in here lol. And lots of hugs going round. In my life where I live though, I am alone! That’s why I luve in here so much ha ha. Many thanks to you. Hugs for you too xo

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  1. First of all, just love the image. For me, along with the title, it set a peaceful tone for me. However, that tone took a turn with a detected a bit of heat in those words. The love for the missing someone is obvious. Well done, Fiery.

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    1. Thank you sooo much.

      Isn’t that image just gorgeous? Felt it was so right for this piece as soon as I saw it.
      It was quite a peaceful poem despite the meaning behind the words. As I said to another blogger, it almost came to me in a dream and I kept hoping that when I wake up I wouldn’t forget the gist of what I wanted to write.
      Lol..yes a little bit of heat you did detect and the rest of what you said is absolutely true too.
      When I (never) publish a book of poetry you may get a request to write a review lol

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    1. Charlie, those lines have been in my mind for months, you know. They never found their rightful place until this poem.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      Many warm hugs for you

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    1. Ah…sigh. Love your visits.
      It was dreamy for me. Came to me in a dream almost. So thrilled you picked up on that feeling.
      Funny how love makes us bend to the will of the one we we need and want.
      Hugging you across many squillion miles between us ♥♥♥

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    1. You know what. I was just thinking about you. I realised I hadn’t read anything from you yesterday (usually seek you out to read you first) and I just read your post. I haven’t commented yet…still having my coffee lol. But missed you!
      Makes me so happy that you liked this so much. I re read it just now and got all emotional. I know…I’m such a girl lol.
      Thank you for your lovely words. My little soul did peek out a bit in this poem


      1. Oh yes it did …I could see it . Thank you for missing me dear ……..will buck up today and cover up for yesterday. Enjoy your coffee and may you have a blessed day 😇😘

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  2. You almost made him sound like the calm within the storm.
    An amazng piece Fiery. There is a stark contrast between these two souls. You may think that would mean they wouldn’t be a good pair, but the differences could be the very glue that keeps these souls together.
    Beautifully written, very inspiring.

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    1. Honestly, I never even thought of this that way.
      I mean you are 100% right
      The souls in this poem are exactly like that.
      A calming presence and a volcano of emotions.
      I just didn’t realise I’d made that so clear. But no surprise that you read between my lines so well.
      You know I am a strong believer in balance and I think that when you find that balance you’ve searched for in another person, everything that once confused you about yourself suddenly makes complete sense and yes..the differences compliment each other perfectly and keep those souls together.

      You’ve really made me think about this differently .

      Thank you so much for everything you say and I am touched that you think my words are inspiring.
      Means more than you know


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