Brave, I know-

To write of love.

This word we overuse.

And cowardly of others who

This sentiment, abuse.

And sought have I, another way

To say that Love I feel.

Yet poverty of meaning screams at me

My lips then seal.

And why I ask, are synonyms much poorer to my mind?

And why why why, can I not craft my poems that feel blind?

This word we throw

Confetti rhymes

That shower then disperse

It never quite conveys my heart

That beats eternal verse.

Yet Love we say-

Each passing day, though

More than Love is this.

I rip apart articulationsΒ 

Slay them with a kiss.

I thought I knew

I really did…

When ‘I Love You’ I said.Β 

Yet paltry is this phrase…

I’ll say,

‘Forever Yours’ instead.Β 


72 thoughts on “Love

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    1. Me too. People say it and have no idea why..or write about it like it’s a vase of flowers they’re painting for a still life piece.
      It’s not that.

      But I absolutely agree with you. When it is said and meant from or by the Right Person. ..sigh…it does touch the chords of the heart absolutely. You can get lost in the song that phrase plays on your heart.



      1. I know…it’s what I was trying to say.
        So many words we use, so much language…and still.
        In Greek there is Agapi (Love) and Erotas (I suppose…romantic love)
        Agapi is a noun, and used the same way we say I love you in English or when we call someone ‘love’ as a term of endearment. Erotas is also used to say lovemaking or or tell someone you’re in love with them, which can’t be said with the word Agapi.

        There are many layers.
        English is beautiful, and I can’t write Greek peotry as it’s my second language but the distinction between the two terms is richer.
        There’s also Latria which is ‘adoration’. So if you say ‘se latrevo’ it’s I Adore You but it’s so deep and still the translation sounds poor to my ears.
        Hence my poem.

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    1. Ah…love an appreciation of my reversy- fit – my – thoughts- into- this – rhythm-and-rhyme technique! You are far too kind though.
      Noticed your little nod to that in your final sentence there
      You really made me smile with this.
      Thank you so much ❀️

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    1. That has kind of made my afternoon. ..Thank you so much. Hasn’t it just been done and done and done. ..and I include myself in that. But if we don’t write about love. ..The heart turns to dust itself.
      Or something.
      I appreciate you!
      Thank you β™₯

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  1. God, I love this one. My dear Fiery, you never disappoint. You write so beautifully and with sensuality that i love, but this piece is one that I so relate to. I often rant about the over use of those three little words, especially after they were misused against me.

    In fact don’t know if you remember, I ended one poem with “my heart beats metaphors for you.” Parts of this poem took me back to that post. Enough about me. Stop that Lonely Author.

    Momentarily lost my train of thought. Focus, Lonely, focus.

    I felt this poem. It resonated in my bones. I said bones, Fiery, not BONE. Behave. (No don’t) . Seriously, DON’T.

    Let me just say, loved this one Fiery. Left me smouldering, smokey, and sighing, of course in a very manly way.

    Lonely Beach Boy

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    1. Firstly, I NEVER behave. So calm your batman pyjamas down.
      Well maybe on YOUR blog I do. But never on mine.

      I know that about you. Always sorry those words were thrown at you with lack of meaning behind it. Truly. You know that

      I DO recall that delicious line…trying to remember the poem…I’m sure it will come to me.

      And then we come to you feeling stuff in your bones…
      Don’t be coy. I know the bone you meant.
      Tut tut Mr. Lonely Author. The romantic poetry bone right?

      Well…my gosh if I can do all that through a poem and from soooooo far away…imagine what I could do face to face.
      Or don’t.
      Up to you.

      Love that you loved this. I know you understand me when I try my best to express things through poetry.
      And that time just now when I used that word maybe too many times, I meant it.
      Your manly sighs mean a lot to me but you’re a clever boy and you should already know that.
      With smokey little smouldering hugs


  2. What a gorgeous simmering reply. Took off the jammies. I like blogging in the nude.
    Keeps me…….hmmm, for lack of a better word I will say UP.

    Romantic poetry bone. Hmmm. When uncertain, break glass, refer to line above.

    Great piece of poetry Fiery. Always enchanted by your words (and comments).

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    1. Laughing so much.
      Blogging in the nude…how fascinating.
      Yes I often wondered, does he blog clothed or disrobed? Mystery solved.

      I do my best to enchant, Mr Lonely Author. Even more …satisfying when it works xo


    1. X -rated??
      Lol. It’s a no holds barred comments philosophy on my bloggy. I censor no one even if they are terribly naughty.
      In fact I encourage it.
      I’m ridiculously misbehaved and monumentally incorrigible!
      Thank you for the compliment! Many hugs

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    1. Haha! Well that’s made me giggle this morning.
      It is easy to drop it around willy nilly. But sometimes you need more than that.

      Now you’ve reminded me of one of my fave songs ever, More Than Words.

      Heading to YouTube immediately

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! Can’t tell you how many lyrics I used to mis-hear back when you had to pause the tape, write the lyrics, press play, listen until your earballs hurt, stop the tape, write the lyrics and so on and so today don’t know how easy they’ve got it! X

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    1. Thank you for saying so.
      Yep that line says a lot about what I was trying to express. Hard to say what we really feel with this poor human language we have!

      greatly appreciate your visit
      have a great day!

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