“Talking” to myself

I talk to myself every day so I know how discussions like these are quite likely to go first I'll draft a love letter declaring love true to a me who's just me but is heart-made for you. I will tell myself sweetly I miss you so much, so much so that my mind craves... Continue Reading →


Watch but don’t touch my …Smouldering Vignette

A blindfold. Black, satin - placed tenderly over her eyes by him a few moments ago. A black lace bodice she poured herself into earlier as he fastened it expertly and tightly behind her, teased her neck with kisses and spoke to her in tones anyone would fall in love with as he told her... Continue Reading →


What can I do except wish on star, or perhaps place a kiss for good luck in a jar, or maybe pluck petals from daisies to see if he loves me or loves me not...which would it be?    Maybe a rabbit's foot, clover of four, or perhaps lucky heather I'll hang at my door.... Continue Reading →

Naughty Little…Smouldering Vignette

Last reblog of the week for me. Back to normal as of tomorrow. Most of you have read this before but this one of my absolute favourites of my ....naughty writes. Fiery ❤️   *EXPLICIT*   She wears a tight, black dress. Strapless- revealing her ivory shoulders and delicious neckline. Short. It clings to her... Continue Reading →

I Kissed Some Metaphors

I'll drink the moon alone tonight With bitten lips she'll taste my plight And fill my cup with love she might And drown I may, caught in her sight.     Within my mouth, this tongue's unrest Is silver laced, your will to test Deny I can't your sweet request To lay beside me, bodies... Continue Reading →

A Warrior’s Heart

I carry a Warrior's Heart in my chest It's strength can be felt, and these heartbeats won't rest It's taken the bruises that battered my youth and opened my eyes when I hid from the truth. Looked on so it did as from wounds deep with pain I watched my own blood wash down nightmarish... Continue Reading →

Would you

Would you buy me flowers if you saw my smile fading over my morning coffee? I think you would Would you comfort me when my self battles with my self in wars wherein I've never managed to be victorious? Perhaps you have the touch I need. Would you place a gift of uplifted joy in... Continue Reading →

Heart Errands

I searched through raindrops, Wept through moons, Wiped away the much too soons, Sifted through the stars a while, Infinity revealed a smile, I lifted midnight's long egress Stripped my Goddess of her dress. Stood beyond myself in sight, And cast the veils from sleepless night. Within my hand I held a spell Enchanted it... Continue Reading →

The Connection of Us

Words do come easily to me I won't deny it. There used to be days when I was lost for words, but they would always come back. Sometimes a little darker than when they left. Those days, I would let the words come out in slow, painful drip drop drips until I had bled out... Continue Reading →

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