A Poem. (You know, just to switch things up a bit)

I tossed a small pebble into my life’s lake, and I sat at its banks while devouring some cake…


No I didn’t. That’s stupid . Let me try again.


I tossed a small pebble into my life’s lake, and I watched as the plink plunk small ripples did make.


Oh, much better. Okay …


These ripples, though slight travelled far from my sight, and I watched their effect travel far and take flight.


”Take flight” can’t be the right analogy there…hang on…


…and I watched their effects travel far through my night. 

Ooh…yep. Loving that.


The sun slowly set on immovable lands, as these ripples you caused placed me right in your hands.


Who’s this “you”?? Never mind. Going with it.


Unknowingly I let the waters go wild, and I shushed all my logic when swiftly you smiled as you told me that this aching, pounding, sweet need is the “It’s meant to be” of our destiny’s deed.

Okay! Definitely on a roll now. I should probably stop taking breaks in this process to chat to you all.

Where was I…

Right. Destiny. And a metaphor I think I may abandon at this juncture. ‘Juncture’. Funny word. Anyway.

Your touch on my life, makes my long nurtured sense, pack its bags and set off for a white picket fence.

Yeah, that works…Okay. Got the next part ready!

How could I have known that when first we did touch, I would end up this way, effing feeling so much. 

I see colours so vivid, dark corners now bright, and with each verse I pour my heart out as I write. 

Yeah, always have to mention pouring hearts. Dramatic and touching,  no?

Because pathways aren’t set, there are many to choose, and the one I was on was called “Fiery,  You Lose.”

(I know,  so witty and hilarious but also true. Works on so many levels.)

Yet on one summer’s day as the heat I bemoaned and each day seemed to feel like a pattern I’d cloned, I felt a small ripple of something like fate, and though fight it I tried, it was far, far too late.

Ha! Grabbed that ripple metaphor from the scruff of its neck again!

I’m almost done. Watch this for a finale.

So surrendered I did to this something called Love,  and as though all my answers came down from above, I allowed our two souls to connect  and to kiss and now both very deeply embroiled in this, we may not understand all the wherefores and whys and this lake’s now an ocean that’s opened my eyes to impossible truths that I won’t, CAN’T deny as you dream me away from a life made of lies, and I know that it hurts (but it hurts so damn GOOD) and I’m yours now, you know it’s become how it should. 

Wait wait…there was more there than I expected.  Okay here’s the finale:

This verse made of imagery mixed kind of flows, for my mind as you know runs amok as it goes and it searches for ways to submit to your heart which, although far away, is my true missing part. 

Liked that bit didn’t you…

Okay almost done.

In love I may be, as I sit at the shore and watch love scenes play out, leave me gasping for more and I close my eyes tightly- imagine you near, for these ripples reach far, but they started 

right here.


I poem-ed the crap out of that one.











80 thoughts on “A Poem. (You know, just to switch things up a bit)

Add yours

    1. Aw…you see right through me honey.
      There I was being all sarcastic and ironic at myself but I can’t help but sneak a little truth in…
      Very happy you noticed and thrilled that I touched you!
      Hope you’re well and all loved up


    1. You always make me sound much cleverer than I intended to be!
      Not pulling it apart! Taking your lovely compliment and smiling!
      Felt shitty today so I had to make myself laugh.

      Many CUDDLES! !!! ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I mean… clever is the where we strive so even when we feel we fall short SOMEONE has to make sure we know where we really are/need to be at. Mostly we’re usually always there but it’s still nice to be reminded when we feel we are not.

        Did I make any sense? lol

        HAVE MY COMPLIMENTS ✨🎉💞🥂🎊♥️

        And have some hugs from me too. 🤗🤗🤗

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Yes, indeed you did.
    The only thing missing was an “orgasm”
    at the start, or even at the ending.
    But then, not required to get my attention.
    You have it enraptured & fully extended,
    (no short attention span when it comes
    to your most poetic writing).
    This was thoughtful & most intriguing 😎

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No orgasms today or trickery lol.
      I do enjoy grabbing attention, feeds my over inflated sense of majesty lol.
      You are much too kind and flattering but I’m not complaining.
      Gratitude in abundance, Sir Redpath

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for showing us a bit of the inside process you wrestle with. It’s clear to see the quality you adhere to while retaining an important level of fun.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha. Laughing into my coffee lol.

      Damn, now I am thinking about the version of that poem if I’d kept going along the cake route.

      Oooh. ..Cake Route sounds like the best ride ever at an amusement park…
      Thank you soooo much for your wonderful comment ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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