Smouldering little…Good Girl

I promise I am.


I try so, so hard

Is that what you want me to be

Daddy’s good little girl, obeying your every need because I want to. I have a need to.

No one ever deserved that before but you…

you do, don’t you.

When I say what you want to hear because I know exactly

what you want.

When I give you whispers as my gift to touch you in places you need to be stroked as I lift

your senses to places you thought long and hard about

I know..

But mostly

I am not a good girl. You’re smiling  now because

You know it’s true. That you

with your dark secret utterings of forbidden things

that ring hot and true for me and my own little dark corners of desire that I can stoke with my own fingers in fire as my own twisted mind calls me a liar because I will succumb to them and come

closer to you with my hidden needs to be

hurt so, so good but only from your hands. Those hands will love the naughty me.

She needs you the most and not ghosts of forced fakery and controlling brain washed mockery ingrained deeply where my self love should be. Put yourself there and don’t…move. Just breathe with me and wait

I need to be


pinned down by this crown of holy badness that I wear so well, don’t you think. Needing to hear

words I used to fear but clearer than the muddy past is a throbbing need to pound and cast

out the similitude of a good girl as You call me all the names

you want

and I crave to have drip

from those lips of yours

If only you’d just put them right…


Yes…and you know already…pull that hair and own me good and hard

Because I am a good girl.

I promise I am.

But I can do so many

bad things to you

for you because you make me lose this sense of self that others placed high upon a shelf of manipulated truths, loose now

and ready to plummet because fuck the lies

Truth is

I’ll do what you say, obey your wants that are mine. 


I’ll say a little ‘no’ to feign a stimulated resistance to your insistence that I suck down like the last gasp of air I’ll ever fucking take, as 

you kiss my lips and mark me with your mouth…devour my neck and slowly

open my

lines of sex-verse written with moist fingers just for you.

You want me

just how you found me,

and how I sound in your ear as I say take me and hold me and pound the good veiled girl into oblivion and just take all of this wet need from me and taste it, taste it good and deep and

Sweep me off my feet

as I crumble into explosions on and on and on until I say stop, please 

I’ll never say stop.

Because I am so very, very bad sometimes baby

But if you want I can be a good girl…

as I lick your mouth nice and deep

But only if you’ll  keep my 


I’m a good girl,

I promise.



62 thoughts on “Smouldering little…Good Girl

Add yours

  1. Breathless after reading this. So many powerful and enticing images here. So many key words to ignite passion and lust. Your amazing pulsating write lets everyone know, especially your Daddy, you are a good girl ready to succumb to whatever is requested.

    Sigh. How I long to hear these words uttered to me. I hope your Daddy realizes how lucky he is. His good girl is a treasure.

    Sighing Lonely Author

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Well.
      My Lonely Author.

      Took me a while to be able to respond to this lol
      Your breathless appreciation of my naughty little sex -talk -verse thrills me in a very tingly way.
      I’m sure someone will whisper such delicious words to you. No doubt in my mind.

      I hope he does appreciate it. I really am a good girl.

      Think I’ll just sigh along with you

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Smiling. Fiery does these sultry sexy writes with so much passion and she passes these delicacies onto us. Then, she does it with class and grace, letting our minds stray wherever they need to go, even over her flaming body if need be.
        She is smoking hot and amazing.

        Have a good day my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mr.

        You can’t sneak comments like that up on me lol.

        I totally agree with you obviously.
        I am a CATCH and smoking hot (damn… no winking OR fire emoji ! )

        Smouldering silently at your words

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow honey.
      What raunchy best sellers are you reading???
      Kidding darling. I appreciate your beautiful compliment so much.
      I had a lot of fun writing this.
      so happy I impressed you.
      Many thankful cuddles ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  2. Pull that hair and own me good and hard…holy moly fiery this is too hot too handle! Wow! I’d like to borrow some of your consciousness and put it directly into one of my characters….oooh, smoldering!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hot little good girl gone bad and boy was she a naughty hottie. Such description, such emotion, such detail, such play by play and raw feel to the moment that it was hard to exhale when reading this. This good girl was to good to take our eyes off of because she was so so bad😏. When the curtain falls and the night calls….Fiery brings it all. Spine tingling!!!🌹🌹😉😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Oh…I wanna dance with somebody!”🎶
      I read this hours ago and I’ve had that song in my head ever since!

      Thank you for this wonderful comment. Kind of made me blush lol (I know… who’d have thought 😂)

      Isn’t it funny that women are torn between this good girl / bad girl battle.
      You just need to accept that at some point someone will LOVE the bad girl because he loves the good girl and they are both the same person.
      No need to fight it. Embrace it.
      So fun being naughty..

      Give your lovely poetry Princess a big smooch from me and a hug for yourself because you’re fab and I appreciate you and your thoughts so much.

      Have a few of these

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha!! Love that song and you are so very right!! The good and the bad are one in the same. They go from bow tie to tie me up in minutes.😉
        I’m sure this post had many readers blushing and much more good girl😏. And yes, they all let loose every so often, they go from sugar to spice.
        I will give my Poetic Princess a hug, and more when she gets wild😂😂!! Like a smooch😂😂. We love your writings and love your support, means the world to us. Stay on fire like you do, and keep burning the blog world!!❤️❤️😘

        Liked by 1 person

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