I like…

I like cozy days indoors while outside the snow falls incessantly, blanketing the ground with virginal white.

Virginal. So funny.

I like, sweeping, overly emotional, sneakily sexy descriptions because who wants to read this:

The pretty trees swayed in the winds of my heart

which looked so cute with your flowery words

that blossomed like springtime

which is warm and nice and

hey look a poem,



I like hands that fit perfectly with mine

I like fluffy, girly slippers that are comfy and warm

I like Chinese takeaway.  A lot. Far too much probably.  I eat it cold for breakfast.  No it’s not gross, it’s delish.

I love beautiful words, poetic longing, and crazy romance.

I like smoking hot innuendos

I like when someone can make me laugh so much I can’t breathe.

Speaking of breathing,  I love it when someone has the power to leave me breathless. It’s rare. But it happens.

I like to think. I love it when someone challenges my mind which gets bored far too easily.

I love creativity.  I go crazy nuts for intelligence and wit.

I like being made to feel like the only woman in your world.

I like truth

I like Always and Forever

I like it when someone has no idea how to manipulate a good soul and could never hurt me or break my heart.

I like being clever. No, really I do.

I like spontaneous fateful connections

I like listening. Because I like knowing everything about you

I like to be kissed the way I like

I like to be touched…yes just like that.

I like to talk for hours about anything and everything but mostly things that make my heart race

I like it when you make my heart race

I like to have my spine tingled and my mind blown

I like turning you on.  Yes,  it’s no secret

I like to be aroused, but don’t start there. Start…here.

I like to lose my mind to impossibility

I like to hear you saying…you know

I like adrenaline bursts of raging excitement and love pounding so hard in my ears I can’t think straight.

I like to drive you insane with perfections that your brain can’t quite contain as I listen to Cypress Hill going insane in the…

I like to rhyme

And be in time

While peaks of poems hearts I climb.

I like the sunset on a scorching hot day, relieving my searing sense of the heat of too much sand between my toes as I lay on a beach at dusk bathed in orange and golden hues, half naked and fully in love as we…you know

I like to tease but I don’t play games

I love. To. Sing

I love music that touches me deeply in so many ways

I like songs from the 90s 

And singing them shamelessly while reminiscing aimlessly

I like it when my heart is on the verge of broken tears just before you kiss it and dispell the pain

I like chocolate.  That’s a given, obviously

I like being drunk on your words

I love to want you

I need to love you

I like time slowing down when you’re near and speeding away from me when I’m You-Less for a while

I like it when you turn my days of blue into days of You. 

I like it when you me make smile

When you call me…you know

And after so long…I like


I like writing silly little things because sometimes there’s just too fucking much in my head and heart that wants to escape my lips and fingertips and I need to just be simple and clear because

most of all

I like

You, you nutcase.





62 thoughts on “I like…

Add yours

    1. Oh…I see. Weaving your magic on me with words I like to hear are you?

      Well it’s working!
      Thank you gorgeous .
      I LOVE being your favourite
      (You’ve let the cat out of the bag now…)

      You always touch me with your visits, even when I write silly things like this lol


    1. Haha! I love that on the day I DON’T write a rhyming verse, that you pop one into my comments anyway!
      Perfect lol.
      I liked those parts too.
      Virginal is so funny.

      But nutcase is a classic. And I meant it with so much affection!

      Many thanks for your Ode to my silly little write


  1. I like delish and this certainly falls into that category. This was entertaining when its wasn’t sensual, delighful when it wasn’t romantic, amusing when it wasn’t thought provoking. This was all of those things and more Fiery.

    I like reading you…..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, I guess it was.
        But I don’t charge for the tour.
        Take it at your own risk and try not to trip and fall into one of those crevices… I kind of like having you around you know

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes yes yes yes yes YES MADAM!!!!! It’s so heartfelt and silly and sweet and raw and YOU and I adore this. Here have some of my adoring love for sharing this piece 😘♥️♥️♥️♥️💞💞💞💞🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😉😉😎😭🥂💜✨🖤😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy you liked that part!.

      It is so true though. Blue days are always better with a bit of love.

      I know I get a bit silly sometimes lol

      So grateful for your lovely words


      1. Did you now…lol

        I’m not really into blondes! Though I can’t say I would shut the door in Thor’s face if he turned up for a cuppa.

        I’m more into the dark, brooding, cheeky, James Bond swagger with a killer sense of humour and a crazy effing romantic, sexy intelligence and wit who maybe writes poetry and whatnot while charming my pants off.
        I mean… generally speaking lol

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved so many lines here.
    “I like when someone can make me laugh so much I can’t breathe.”
    “I like songs from the 90s
    And singing them shamelessly while reminiscing aimlessly” and many more obviously… If I started quoting all here, I think I will end up with the entire piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. it seems your pieces aren’t so silent after all, you speak with a certain mastery of words that whenever I read these poems I feel like i am physically there as you speak. Your words captivate my imagination and I have been meaning to ask? Where does your inspiration spawn from?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet you thought , omg..what happened to M with that opening paragraph lol

      You know that line you liked…so funny you picked it out. Initially I was going to go off on one and wax lyrical about arousing my mind before you start on my nether regions and then I thought, no- you know what…let’s leave it at that! I liked it more in the end. Let’s the mind wander.
      Am I still talking??

      Thank you for your wonderful presence upon my bloggy. A big cuddle, sexy

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re a fan NOW???
      Whew…you made me work hard for that !

      Lol, kidding. So happy you liked this. Makes me very happy to have you around and of course I am a fan of yours too. You have a heartfelt way with words xx

      Liked by 1 person

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