Smouldering Vignette

Some of you will have read this before. It was the first one of these little vignettes I’d written.

I love this one, something about it…

But what I have done is extend it with a bit more delish.

Yeah, yeah, cue the jokes about “extending” things…I know how your pervy little minds work.





She sits by the window looking down at the midnight street. 

A glass of wine, not having any attention paid to it by her, it idly sits in her hand as she is distracted by the moonlight and streetlight and night sounds of this city she doesn’t know at all. 

She sighs.

The apartment is dark and quiet. Shrouded in a blue veil of hours she should be sleeping through.

But no sleep will come.

She wears a loose shirt and nothing else and feels no chill on her flesh. How could she after the sweet,warm, painfully beautiful intensity they just shared.

She traces her lips with her finger as a memory of kisses and tastes floods her sense.

A smile.

A surge of warm honey-winged butterflies wreak havoc on her stomach and her heart beats so loudly, she is sure its incessant rhythm will wake him.

She takes a sip, places the glass delicately down on the window sill.

She begins humming a soft melody, a song that played last night as they moved in delicious ecstasy and longing and kisses drowned their doubts and breathed  life into their gasping lungs and thirsty lips and sealed the fractures and wounds of their hearts.

She stands up and peers down at the street again. A soft rain begins to fall; stardust it seems to be in the isolated beams of the street lights.

Another sigh and she closes her eyes, never ceasing to think of the sensation of his hands on her body, his lips demanding a taste of every inch of her and she, succumbing to his every desire…

Strong arms encircle her waist and her body is aflame with longing and something else… once more.

Leaning back into this embrace , soft lips on her ear say,

“What are you thinking about, beautiful,” a kiss on her earlobe…shivers.

A soft bite…floods of warmth between her legs.

“You,” she whispers, covering his hands with hers as they stroke their way down her stomach, over her belly, further down..

“That’s all?”

A taste of her neck, an urgent press of desire on the small of her back. She whispers a moan.

“And Us.” Pulse racing

“And…?” his hand returning to where it belongs, she breathes heavily, gasping in quiet, desirous breaths.

“There’s nothing else.”

He smiles. “I know.”

Exploring her again with his hand, knowing exactly how she needs him to touch her…just like that, she pushes his hand deeper with her own, sensing his hard need urgent, aching to be with her. She loses herself to his fingers deeply teasing her arousal, the more he pushes, the more she wants him, leaning back onto him as he tells her what she does to him…and her mmmms of pleasure pound like heartbeats against him.


Slowly he turns her to face him. She sighs at the look in his eyes. A smile to wipe away any fear embedded in her soul long ago.

She places her hands softly on the back of his neck, as he urges her body, trembling now, against the wall beside the window, pressing himself hard against her.

Barely breathing, she draws him near, into a kiss so deep that there are no his lips or her lips, just… a Kiss in which  she is lost and in love and in his arms, where she belongs.

He wants her now and he will take her; he tells her this…in words of dark desire, things she needs to hear from him, things she has never allowed  another to say to her, touches she has to feel from him, as his skin burns against hers, and his hands roam the entirety of her body which belongs only to him.

Stroking her hand down his chest, his stomach, he surrenders to her touch, the way he was meant to be touched . His hand grips her thigh hard, painfully…she doesn’t care- she wants it like this. He  lifts it against his side, pressing her ever deeper into the wall as she tells him she wants him and he responds with endless lips on her face, her neck and beyond.

Time slips away, stars pause as these lovers demand an eternity together in this moment, and with a gasp, and a grip that buries her fingers into his flesh , and a whisper of his name in his ear, a breath of a yes…a soft utterance of baby, and an exhalation of two soft “I love you”s, he takes her the way she needs, the way he craves and warm and hard she is locked against him, he is imprisoned inside her aching wet walls and yes…there is nothing else. Just…









54 thoughts on “Smouldering Vignette

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    1. You wouldn’t be able to take your pervy eyes off this scene if you were peeking lol

      But yes.

      I felt it all too…

      Thank you for your lovely charm all over me, I always appreciate it 💋

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah…not falling for this charm Mr Lonely Author when I’m pushed for time.’ll trap me in an endless loop of irresistibly hot innuendos and I may never escape

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Still playing with me…

        Forewarned is NOTHING like what I consider foreplay…
        But tell me more about this floor play…

        And what games are LIKE naked twister?
        Mind.. wandering…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. If the post is…. smouldering. The comments ^^^ are…. hmmm. Hard to insert the most fitting word…. I know, SEARING. Feeling a little like the peeping tom who can’t help hoping that if you get a room, I hope it has a WINDOW. Ha!

    Loving the deliciousness of it all (now i will step away and leave you guys to it).

    Liked by 2 people

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