Deeply Smouldering Vignette

(A reblog…but one of my favourites)




The streets and pavements are still glistening and moist from the rain that has fallen and now the evening is wet with anticipation for more inevitable downpour.

Street lights reflected there, the two crossing the road hand in hand are oblivious to any of the elements or concrete beholdings before them

They see only each other.

Between them, as they hurry to the entrance of the restaurant, he leading the way, spark infinitely miniscule particles of desire, need, impending and always imminent arousal and much, much more.

He smiles at her as they pause at the entrance, she tugging his hand back in willing reluctance to take another step forward.

He drinks in the sight of her in thisย  ย  strapless black dress, caressing and hugging and kissing every curve of her body; stopping and teasing him just above the knee.

Her cheeks are flushed. Her expression playful yet filled with nervous anxiety.

“Wait,” she says as he begins to guide her in to the restaurant.

“What is it, beautiful,” he asks.

“I’m so nervous. What if they don’t like me?”

He laughs at her ridiculous apprehension and she rolls her eyes at him.

“How could they not like you? Look at you! They will love everything about you. ”

He is reassuring in his tone and he knows it will melt her frozen anxious thoughts.

“Urgh. Okay. Okay . But …don’t forget about me in there. I will need you.”

He places a soft kiss on her lips as he rests his hand on the small of her back.

She leans into him allowing his kiss to soothe and arouse her. She breathes against his lips for a moment.

“My eyes will only be on you, beautiful. Now come on.” Another smile.

She defiantly growls under her breath like a disobedient kitten and he laughs at her adorable defiance which he knows she will shed in a moment .

One more tug of his hand and he turns back to her.

“Also…” she begins

“Mm hmm…” he says pressing her for more.

“I am not wearing any underwear.”

He boyishly smiles.

“Oh. I know.” And now she smiles.


The restaurant is warm and seductive, hues of red, auburn and orange fill their eyes. There is a coziness and an allure here though it is buzzing with conversation, quiet music and distant sounds of dining.

She squeezes his hand as they make their way to their table where his friends are seated and waiting. They sit, the other couple, on two chairs and across the table is a plush, circular, embracingly velvet booth where these two halves of a whole will sit.

He warmly greets his friends, he introduces them to her. They see something in his eyes as he does so. He feels it. She sees it too.

They are happy and friendly and hug her a hello as they all sit and begin to talk.

His friends bubble with conversation and they want to know everything about her as they ask questions and laugh and she is charming and warm and seductive, never letting go of his hand. They are glued to each other as they sit closer than they probably should be. His eyes never leave her as she talks and charms his friends and they all laugh and smile. The conversation never falters and thankfully the couple are an animated pair who keep getting lost in their own little tangents and discussions, including her in their jokes and anecdotes, but still giving her a chance to soak up his gorgeous attention on her. She is effortlessly engaging and they are immediately enamoured by her.

Drinks are already on the table and everyone is slowly, wonderfully intoxicated.

While a waiter approaches and takes orders, the other couple umming and ahhing and laughing over what to order, the two look at each other.

He moves closer than ever to her.

Under the large table and thick, long table cloth, he hooks her right leg over his left thigh.

She gasps, silently but never takes her eyes off his.

He leans in close to her ear as his friends are still deliberating with the very patient waiter and says in a whisper,

“Baby. I am going to put my hand between your legs now,”

She tries to remain composed and smile.

“I am going to touch you, and push my fingers inside you and make you cum right here and you are going to stay silent and smile and not make a sound.”

Her breath comes in short gasps which she hides well as she feels hot drops of arousal moisten her lips.

“Yes baby,” she whispers, trembling

He smiles as his hand begins to make good on his word and he whispers a final, “Good girl,” almost sending her over the edge.

They steal a final look at each other as his fingers begin to tease her, oozing trust and something more. Something deeper.ย  The other couple begins to animatedly include her once again in their conversation.

Her face remains smiling, she laughs at their jokes , unable to say much as a deluge of wet need begins to cover his fingers which know her every want, every need, which seductively explore her as he gently and desirously slips them slowly inside her.

She presses her thigh against his crotch, against his hard, urgent need for her and he responds with a deeper push, slow and aching. It is all she can do not to climb onto his lap in front of everyone and take what she desperately wants.

A soft mmm escapes her lips as wave after soft undulating wave begins to swell between her legs. The other couple do not notice this muffled moan of arousal, fitting as it does with an entertaining story they have begun to share.

His eyes have not left her as he watches the intoxicating power his touch has over her, as he feeds off every throbbing pulse of her warm walls against his fingers, as he falls ever deeper for this sultry creature who wants to please him as much as she needs and wants to be pleased by him.

She picks up her glass of red wine to feign a sip as her eyes close and her orgasm takes her, to be able to grasp something, anything in her hand as aching, sweet, warm electric shards of desire suffuse throughout her body, stifles the trembling shaking need her body is urging her to succumb to and yet she still remains still, never betraying the mind blowing explosion he has just painted with artists hands between her legs and breathing deeply as the waves continue through her legs her arms her shoulders down her spine through her hair, he feels every nanosecond of her release and slowly…gently slips his fingers away and picks up his own drink, sipping in perfect nonchalance.

His friends look at her, an irresistible glow surrounding her and ask, “That wine is good, right?”

Stifling a giggle, she takes a real sip and utters an mmm saying, “yep…it’s so delicious.” He chuckles under his breath, taking in the sight of this woman who continues to do…so many things to his body and heart.

The other couple smile and begin to recount a charming story of a trip to France where they tried the wine in question and as they lose themselves in their own memories and back and forth chatter, she turns to him

The look in his eyes… indescribable.

She smiles at him and takes the hand that just left her silently gasping, places a finger in her mouth watching him the entire time, licks his still moist fingers, savouring every flick of her tongue and tastes herself.

He closes his own eyes briefly,allowing her to play with him and his desire for her.

She kisses him softly with lips laced with the scent of her need and leans in to his ear as he slips a warm arm around her waist.

“I want you…so…fucking much right now,” she breathes.

He smiles.

“I know.”

He whispers three more words to her and she closes her eyes against his cheek.

She is his.



29 thoughts on “Deeply Smouldering Vignette

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    1. Making me smile.
      Seems like everyone wants to get a table here. Unfortunately the young lady here does not come complimentary with every table reservation. She only has eyes and heart for one man.
      One of the hottest…I doubt that. I am sure my soft porn was pleasing , lol but thank you for your sexy and flattering hyperbole.
      A speechless breathless AND excited Lonely Author? God, what on earth would we do with such a phenomenon?
      I’ll have to have a little think…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LMFAO I will tell you one thing, that lady in the restaurant is a dream come true. I have lost girlfriends over incidents like that.

        Reading this was exactly like reading onme of my fanatasies, which made it all the more delicious.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will allow her to sneak into your dresms if you want, lol.
        You have? They can’t have been right for you then.
        How on earth did I manage to peek into your pervy mind and pull out one of your fantasies, all innocent and unassuming as I am? The mind boggles.
        Funny you know, this whole scene
        just appeared as it is here and I had no idea where it came from.
        I guess I know now!
        It does have a very delicious taste. I must admit.
        Job well done, Fiery.

        Liked by 1 person

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