Kind of funny (and a bit deep at the end)


Poems that are sweet and cute

You know I used to play the flute?

irrelevant it seems, I know

but people like these rhymes to flow.

A flower

or a sunset too

Oh I know,

Skies are sad and blue

And nothing personal,  god no!

Or deeper than an inch of snow

Which made no sense

but made you smile

As higher doth this verse I pile.

And snarky this may seem but still

My heartache’s on that windows sill

I’ll leave it there to ‘similize’

Just like a…hang on…

Sweet sunrise?

It’s cringey but it works for me!

My words possessed a honey bee

That buzzed right off to show the Queen

That out adventuring he’d been

And in he buzzed (I’m in this now,  escape the metaphor. ..but how?!)

He buzzly said this poem sucks

Our honey’s worth a million bucks!

Still following me are you?


I’ve kind of broken my own rule

To never publish utter crap

This silly verse deserves a slap

I bet that smile is still there, no?

Of course it is,  no where to go.

I’ll end this self indulgence here

And if you’ll just lend me your ear…

I do not know what dreams may come

Philosophies alas, I’ve none.

And precious is this love that seeks

To claim my dreams as soft it speaks

For though I cannot touch those lips

I’ll make my words this space to rip

And ponder how my world now seems

Much brighter

Sweeter, like my dreams.

For nothing can take this from me

It’s safe within

And meant to be.


50 thoughts on “Kind of funny (and a bit deep at the end)

Add yours

      1. Lol Charlie. I won’t be doing that!
        But your immediate support of even my silliest ideas is a testament to what a nice guy you are!

        Have a wonderful, love – filled day

        Liked by 1 person

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