Waiting for this…

Only the moon and stars and you and I exist. In a moment where the air is life and yet the seconds suffocate me.   From here I see your eyes, they sweetly stab my soul as it bleeds its life force onto eternity. Your breath in slow inhalations, exhalations burns the scars on my... Continue Reading →



Eyes drowning in the thoughts that pour out tears from the fractured beats that my heart makes as my mind checks on its beating companion and the butterflies in my stomach join my sense in a flutter of wings floating on a whim and a scent of love that never quite reaches the mind's spot... Continue Reading →

Sonorous Serendipity

The bar is dark and ambient. Bohemian in its tiny existence, small tables and chairs all close together and of course the small stage front and centre where I sit. Where I belong. My voice soars and swerves and carries itself across the room and bewitches and enchants with ease and love as I want... Continue Reading →

The Things I say…

About two of you out there will know that the last few weeks of "daily life" have been unusually calm and uneventful. I mean that in the best possible way. I have had peace of mind and body, I've been able to think a little clearer, I've been writing a little differently and have been... Continue Reading →

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