A little bit more about these…Smouldering Vignettes

I've never really divulged much information about the couple in my smouldering vignettes. I've always known who they are and how they met but I don't write about it just because these little writes are exactly what the title says they are: little vignettes of love and desire plucked from their life (which is undoubtedly... Continue Reading →


Watch but don’t touch my …Smouldering Vignette

A blindfold. Black, satin - placed tenderly over her eyes by him a few moments ago. A black lace bodice she poured herself into earlier as he fastened it expertly and tightly behind her, teased her neck with kisses and spoke to her in tones anyone would fall in love with as he told her... Continue Reading →

Naughty Little…Smouldering Vignette

Last reblog of the week for me. Back to normal as of tomorrow. Most of you have read this before but this one of my absolute favourites of my ....naughty writes. Fiery ❤️   *EXPLICIT*   She wears a tight, black dress. Strapless- revealing her ivory shoulders and delicious neckline. Short. It clings to her... Continue Reading →

Touching my… Smouldering Vignette

*EXPLICIT* .......................………………   The room is dark. It's some hour close to dawn. The only light is from the phone still playing their favourite songs quietly, oblivious to what she is silently, warmly contemplating. White sheets twisted and in delicious disarray from the night that just passed. She is cradled within these remnants of lustful... Continue Reading →

Aching, Smouldering Vignette

It's late. Far too late to be awake let alone nursing a cup of coffee that went cold hours ago The living room is dark, only the light of the TV flickering, and some inane advert playing quietly and proclaiming that this contraption will tone  your buns and your thighs. Wow, she thinks. Fascinating. Snowing... Continue Reading →

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