Sonorous Seduction

The hotel room is dark and warm. Moon light sneaks in beyond midnight to illuminate the outline of the room, make no move to switch on the light as you guide me through the doorway and close the door as I lean against it, your arm locking me in this prison of your eyes,... Continue Reading →


Floating, The Ground and Other Glaringly Obvious Metaphors

Feeling sometimes like I am adrift (no, not on Memory Bliss. Although...) Days float past,weeks... you know how the prescribed way of measuring the passing of time goes. Feel like sometimes I want to make everything I say rhyme because that is a very good curtain and shield and other concealing devices. But I can't... Continue Reading →

Debauching and Ravishing My Thoughts

Blank and white and bare. Pavements under foot and understood. Harpies fleeing from the phoenix's burning stare rampant with lascivious, lustful thoughts purged through the infinite writing of its wings upon the frosty spectrum of the firmament. Attempts at peace and placation and a brainial vacation (or holiday being the absolute notion) climbs fraught with... Continue Reading →

…come with me

Listen...yes, I'm so, ever so softly beckoning you...Only you. You make me forget all remnant vexation and desolation of the near yet far , far away past (at last) so, I thought... Maybe we should just step this way, into those shadows over there... And be Just be. It's one has to know... it's... Continue Reading →

Just a drop of…me

I would take this as a diary entry if you like. Or if I LIKE . I'm just going to bleurgh it all out and if you want to read on.. please do. Otherwise... you know...there are crap loads of talented bloggers out there who would appreciate a like and a read , I'm sure.... Continue Reading →

How about…now? Can you see me now?

Words like curtains quietly drawn, Block out sights and soul-shards torn, Hiding here I often peak, To see with others how you speak...   Mistake.   Hiding used to come with ease, Words would flow and dazzle...please... Only few could see right through, And deepest meanings? Only you.   Ironic now, that I'm transparent And... Continue Reading →

It Ends and Begins Here

The house is quiet. My slippers are the only sound I can hear shuffling on the wooden floor. Little one went down early for his nap. So, it's cup of tea time for me and trashy TV. The kettle boils...tea bag in my need to put the milk in first, you snobs. I giggle... Continue Reading →

Kiss My Fire Goodbye

Well... I realised today that you don't read my words. I thought you did. Even this is... ridiculous. You're not reading it. Yet I'm talking to you. The sky fell on me. This morning around 8am . It knocked the essence out of me. I'm carrying parts of it now and it's too heavy. Too,... Continue Reading →

My body, My Mountain…My Ghost

I inhale the sweet , frozen taste of my bright self upon this mountain and exhale with fervent relief my self loathing. And again... Here I stand on my mountain...bare and revealed to I am only me here and my other me is away for now. I'm up here in my dreamscape standing naked... Continue Reading →

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