I blame the moon

Let's bid farewell to my mind's sweet egress, may it have a safe voyage with sanity's mess. Questionable actions, decisions that taunt, and a memory of something I quietly haunt. I wanted to speak and to freely express, this sensation of madness at life's cruel behest. And I stumbled upon, well no, I dived right... Continue Reading →



Dots connect and we deflect, all that passes goes unchecked. Years will fly and still hands raised, minds are absent, violence praised. Head is squeezed but from inside, where do memories reside? If perhaps we caught a glimpse, as blind men see the lame leg limps, the shore will drown you but the sea will... Continue Reading →

Broken people

A broken person bleeds poetry from the cracks and jagged pieces strewn across the ground. Pick them up, look at them, take in their individual beauty, know that they will never be reassembled, and use them to create a collage of love and bliss.   I wrote this to a sweet poet princess once. I... Continue Reading →

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