Untitled, for reasons I don’t know

Words I've said, tear them to shreds, Lay me on a Thousand beds, On the beds, a million nails, Take the place of sheetless sails, Shut me up And stop my voice, Take from me the moral choice, Plunge your hand into my heart And just reset it from the start. Speak the truth and... Continue Reading →


‘The Problem Was”…well the problem is… I think too much, then rethink, then stew, then revisit, then re-evaluate, then see things from a whole new perspective and then … That’s it really.

Another revisiting. I've been looking through a few of my older posts. They were ALL about Wolf. Of course. Obviously. Fucking EVERYTHING was about him up until the "insert...title here" posts. Then I cleared up. Dusted off my heart. Gave my heart and my head a good ol' spring cleaning. This was about him but...I've... Continue Reading →

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