More Than Words

I don't do this. It's really not me.   But this song.     Oh my effing one of my favourite  songs ...ever. Ever.   I hope it speaks to silent parts of you all.   ❤️   More Than Words Extreme Saying I love you Is not the words I want... Continue Reading →


🎶Hallelujah   This is one of my absolute favourite songs. I know everyone has their favourite version, and it's been covered at least 1000 times ,  but my favourite version has always been the one in my head. It's so beautiful, it touches all the right places in the soul, mind and body and the... Continue Reading →

🎼Guardian Angel

I won't blather on too much. This is a Greek song by one of my favourite male Greek singers, Yiannis Kotsiras. It's called "Filakas Angelos" which means, Guardian Angel It's so , so beautiful .   I've included the Greek lyrics and the translation below.   Again, it is morning so I am a little... Continue Reading →

🎼I won’t give up

Yesterday, the beautiful Nandita dedicated a magical verse to me, entirely unexpected, but it touched me so deeply. I didn't know if I deserved such pure emotion written for me, and I told her as much. In her way, guided by her inner goddess, she told me some special words and I knew in the... Continue Reading →

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