It’s in italics so it looks as though I am thinking very deeply about all of this utter codswallop.

Today is one of those days. Which days? Oh, you can't read my mind... sorry my mistake. One of those days where the words are trampling my mind and beating their little, sharp fists at the inside of my brain. I thought of about ten things I wanted to write in this peice and they've... Continue Reading →


Smouldering Words

Windows and doorways and highways to where? Staircases, bookcases, shelves unaware. Dust bunnies, laundry and toy piles galore, As much as we feather, we'll weather some more.   Raindrops and snowfall and sun rays that blind, Crystals and diamonds and rubies they find. Water thirst quenching, and gut wrenching aches, Caramel salted and in love... Continue Reading →

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