Cradle this heart that I give with a kiss Yet be gentle Be careful A beat it may miss. And caught in half heartbeats,  Lord knows what we'll see In the space between pulses You'll glimpse the True me. I know you'll take care And I know you'll embrace All the beats of my verses... Continue Reading →


Smouldering, Breathless Vignette

She is naked. But warm. The room is so, so very warm. Her skin is glistening. Her breath coming in short, gasping bursts. A smile in the darkness. She can barely see his face but he is definitely smiling. Of course he is. But her back is a little...cold. Pinned against the wall, his hand... Continue Reading →

Words That Please

Eyes that slice through time and space, Stroking fingers, pain erase, Tracing lines of lips which speak  And my eternal magic seek. Warmth electrocutes my skin,  As silver manes like feathers swim Across my body, in this dream, Where tastes flood  silent pools they seem To twist and turn like poets' verse, You lift from... Continue Reading →

Invert things and watch the poetry.

Truth that hides in paragraphs, Write in hidden eptiaphs, Stop this pumping in my veins, Stifle with embraces, pains.   Smile my mouth, And speak my lips, Blink my soul Touch fingertips.   Fan the flames that drip with heat, Shoot an arrow where we'll meet. Bite my kneck and make it bleed... Need my... Continue Reading →

Hello and see you soon 💜

Firstly, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. Sending so much love and friendship to you.   The blog went private, I wrongly thought followers would be able to read it but nope! So it's all normal now. Sorry for weird confusions there.   I'll be posting sporadically. Then in a month or so more... Continue Reading →

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