Sadly, I will be a lot less present for a couple of weeks. There won't be much by way of poetry or reading everyone's lovely words. It's sad for me but it won't last too long. My little heart will feel the time passing much slower than the ticking clock that will be surely mocking... Continue Reading →


Mr. Al Legory and I are deeply in figurative love

And...another repost. One of my favourites ❤️     I took a sweet sip from the moon's emptiness, she chided me swiftly and slew loneliness. I asked you to stroke the sky's ego a while, as the Sphinx smiled slyly and dipped in the Nile. I plucked out a petal of wind swept hot days,... Continue Reading →

Hard and slow…

I'm dreaming...   I sit on a window ledge. Outside it is pouring with rain and droplets drip, drip, slide down the window pane. I am mesmerised and watch them as they race towards me, pouring with every breath I take. I'm wearing nothing but a loose, sheer night shirt; it slouches off my shoulder... Continue Reading →

Entangled Thus

Walk with me in lands unknown, Where wild flowers bloom, lush...overgrown, Hold my hand and look my way, Usher me to light of day, And if the curtains I should draw, Coerce me out, unlock the door. We'll watch the stars and  moonlit night, I'll know it's you, Bathed in my light.  

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