You do not know him like I do These verses shared of love too true. You think he bleeds these words for you, But lips of mine he gripped  And knew.    You do not feel his presence near Perhaps you think to him you're dear But hearts like mine are made to sear Beneath... Continue Reading →


Mr. Al Legory and I are deeply in figurative love

And...another repost. One of my favourites ❤️     I took a sweet sip from the moon's emptiness, she chided me swiftly and slew loneliness. I asked you to stroke the sky's ego a while, as the Sphinx smiled slyly and dipped in the Nile. I plucked out a petal of wind swept hot days,... Continue Reading →

Entangled Thus

Walk with me in lands unknown, Where wild flowers bloom, lush...overgrown, Hold my hand and look my way, Usher me to light of day, And if the curtains I should draw, Coerce me out, unlock the door. We'll watch the stars and  moonlit night, I'll know it's you, Bathed in my light.  

Fiery Song

Vocal chords, not made for speech,  Your mind and soul they try to reach,  Never discordant they curve and then  travel, A story of souls they are trying to unravel.  Made of silken whisps of note, They sing of songs we both once wrote, And as I tense my longing centre, Pushing tuneful words that... Continue Reading →

Mirror Time

Under a tree in our forest we sit, as gods with their tapestry destinies knit.  Snowing yet warm, we unravel their plan although secrets they hold, we reveal what we can. My mind keeps on racing yet yours is so calm, and your voice on  my scars is a sweet soothing balm. So much I could... Continue Reading →

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