There Are Tears

Last night I cried some tears for Sleep, (In sleep alone is where I weep) And though the dark I call my friend I pray that fate your heart will lend     For just a moment do I ask And surely Time's up to the task I'm sure a minute he can spare, I'd... Continue Reading →


Scarlet and the Devil

Allow me to explain a little. This post/short story in two parts is something I wrote over a year and a  half ago. I first posted it on my previous blog. Yes I had a previous blog. Some of you know about it, a lot of you don't. No need to dwell on that dark... Continue Reading →

Hurt Me Please

I don't know much but I know this, I'd perish on your tender kiss. Within the love that we would make, foundations of my world would quake. Held in your arms, I'd lose my life, embrace me with this fatal knife. And drown I would in breathless pain as love upon my heart you'd rain.... Continue Reading →

Box of Insanity

I keep my insanity locked up real good, for no one need see it and yet if I could, I'd let it all out and set life all ablaze and claw my way out of this sans logic maze. The box that I lock  is sealed tight every night, yet the demons within never sleep,... Continue Reading →

My Storm

Across a tightrope I have walked, with fallen angels I have talked. A soul I had, but kept it mine, for Purer Me I built a shrine. My innocence was ripped from me, I let it happen carelessly, as piece by piece my Self was cracked, I mourned the sanity I lacked. A million Lefts... Continue Reading →


Dearest Love, I make a promise to you made of a million promises from my soul to yours, which has been sitting  patiently yet impatiently for centuries waiting  to feel this touch. Tears cloud my sight as I try to poorly write the feelings which can never be adequately expressed through the poverty of simple... Continue Reading →

How to Pause My Spirit

Cover me in blankets, please Place some pillows on my knees, Tie my feet with satin, tight Blindfold me with midnight's light. Scarves of silk should bind my lips, Looks of scorn, my fingertips (lest they wander on their own, to places warm that your hands own) On my stomach, anvil -lead Stop these lepidoptera,... Continue Reading →

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