Wanted By Many But Bestowed Upon None

Think that it's easier just to erase, rather than love and then have it misplace, more than you heart and much more than your soul, it misplaces your high, divine spirit half whole. Think that it's better if I hush my lips, and never allow my words past fingertips. Maybe it's time to just shut... Continue Reading →


Debauching and Ravishing My Thoughts

Blank and white and bare. Pavements under foot and understood. Harpies fleeing from the phoenix's burning stare rampant with lascivious, lustful thoughts purged through the infinite writing of its wings upon the frosty spectrum of the firmament. Attempts at peace and placation and a brainial vacation (or holiday being the absolute notion) climbs fraught with... Continue Reading →

The End of Scarlet

Read part 1 here. Night time. Still snowing. The house is silent. Scarlet wanders into the kitchen, dimly lit and warm. So warm. Too hot, she takes off her jumper and wears only a tank top. He is with his brother tonight and the little one is with his grandparents. An unusually solitary evening to... Continue Reading →

Blank for days then this

Time drips down my window pane, Chances flow into the drain, Moral compass broken smashed, Without ethics Unabashed.   Heartbeats leap into the fire, Sense walks out, she's such a liar Loyalty just up and left All alone I am bereft.   Desire died, I buried it Piled the dirt on Rose bud hit Lost... Continue Reading →

Just a drop of…me

I would take this as a diary entry if you like. Or if I LIKE . I'm just going to bleurgh it all out and if you want to read on.. please do. Otherwise... you know...there are crap loads of talented bloggers out there who would appreciate a like and a read , I'm sure.... Continue Reading →

*eye roll*

Listen, I don't want it back, The love, attention, passion. Let's be honest, love it WASN'T Lust- maybe Compassion...   Listen, what I felt is dead Although it gave me life, And now I'm just expelling demons Hurt, pain, ache and strife.   Listen, I don't want you back, (I never really had you) I... Continue Reading →

The Princess and the Scribe

Sometimes in metaphors I like to speak, For fear that the truth may just make me look weak. And sometimes an allegory works just fine, And hidden within is the truth that is mine.   Imagine a Princess... brave, bold and true, In a mystical land where her words on wings flew, A place where... Continue Reading →


In amidst a mist I sit It's cold, familiar, warm. And since as far as I recall My psyche it helped form. The mist surrounded me and held My wings back Tight For years. And through its stalwart Python grip It caused And dried Some tears. My being, body, self and mind (Well, basically...me) Were... Continue Reading →

Karmic Quatrain

Secret fears I try to hide, I fight them (sometimes win...) I grasp my centre basked in light and hold that peace within.   And though I'm fine now, tranquil, free...I know I've paid a cost... I shed one silent, whispered tear for you The friend I lost.

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