You Want Me?   Pick the flower petals off As one by one they fall, Screaming from a place within That holds my Siren's call. 'Cross a room of faces crying, moist for all your charms... Won'dring if you'll notice me And lock me in your arms. Hiding darker  parts of me, Clandestine and shaded, Softly kissing... Continue Reading →


Mr. Al Legory and I are deeply in figurative love

And...another repost. One of my favourites ❤️     I took a sweet sip from the moon's emptiness, she chided me swiftly and slew loneliness. I asked you to stroke the sky's ego a while, as the Sphinx smiled slyly and dipped in the Nile. I plucked out a petal of wind swept hot days,... Continue Reading →

Just Once…

Difficult to say these words, Perhaps they don't exist. Perhaps I have to pluck them out  Of some ethereal mist.     Perhaps the things I need to say Are meant for lips, not ears. And when I try to whisper them I kiss you with my fears.   Difficult to say these words, Perhaps... Continue Reading →

Things and stuff

Tea pots often boil. Well, actually they boil if you switch on the heat, so it's not really their fault that they become scalding hot. Although their purpose is to be filled and get not hit you autocorrect monster, I meant HOT .How dare you presume to know my words before I have said... Continue Reading →

I blame the moon

Let's bid farewell to my mind's sweet egress, may it have a safe voyage with sanity's mess. Questionable actions, decisions that taunt, and a memory of something I quietly haunt. I wanted to speak and to freely express, this sensation of madness at life's cruel behest. And I stumbled upon, well no, I dived right... Continue Reading →

She was his from this moment.

Read part 1 here. This is...a prequel.     They haven't met yet. She can feel something changing though, like a song she can't quite release from her lips but she knows off by heart and it keeps playing in the distance. Familiar but unknown. Not unknowable, though. Fully, deeply knowable. It's a charity ...something... Continue Reading →

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