The Things I say…

About two of you out there will know that the last few weeks of "daily life" have been unusually calm and uneventful. I mean that in the best possible way. I have had peace of mind and body, I've been able to think a little clearer, I've been writing a little differently and have been... Continue Reading →


Protected: Magic Number

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Entangled Thus

Walk with me in lands unknown, Where wild flowers bloom, lush...overgrown, Hold my hand and look my way, Usher me to light of day, And if the curtains I should draw, Coerce me out, unlock the door. We'll watch the stars and  moonlit night, I'll know it's you, Bathed in my light.  

Elemental Enigma

On a beach I stand. Rage clasped in my hand. Waves crash to the shore, Clichés at the door. And from whence it came, This rage that has no name, Tell you I have tried, But clarity denied. Sand between my feet, Winds blow and we meet. Hurled the rage asunder, Crystal truths I ponder.... Continue Reading →

Things and stuff

Tea pots often boil. Well, actually they boil if you switch on the heat, so it's not really their fault that they become scalding hot. Although their purpose is to be filled and get not hit you autocorrect monster, I meant HOT .How dare you presume to know my words before I have said... Continue Reading →


Tethered to this plane, I am One thread, it holds me here. It's made of Mother, Son and love, I grip it fast, no fear.   With gold and crystal threads it weaves Its power through my breast, And though the demons try to pull me, Pass I do, the test .   I often... Continue Reading →

Verus amor in somnis aereum

Havocing and wreaking in the constellations of mindful slumber, where only dreams are visible to Horatio and his philosophy, though chided he is for daring to use his imagination. There I reside, wandering through a forest heavy and blanketed  with trees, reaching out to me, urging me to keep moving, for I am one of... Continue Reading →

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