Eyes drowning in the thoughts that pour out tears from the fractured beats that my heart makes as my mind checks on its beating companion and the butterflies in my stomach join my sense in a flutter of wings floating on a whim and a scent of love that never quite reaches the mind's spot... Continue Reading →


You Want Me?

https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/poodll-audioprocessing-out/CP/30/rmp3online/recordmp3online.com/poodll/poodllfile5bd2f017a92681.mp3   Pick the flower petals off As one by one they fall, Screaming from a place within That holds my Siren's call. 'Cross a room of faces crying, moist for all your charms... Won'dring if you'll notice me And lock me in your arms. Hiding darker¬† parts of me, Clandestine and shaded, Softly kissing... Continue Reading →

In my head and in my heart

In true 'me' form, I have been second guessing and rethinking everything I said yesterday. But I've said it now. It needed to be out, because inside, it was hurting. It hurts outside, too but the love and compassion I have received is...I really don't feel I deserve it at all. But I thank you... Continue Reading →

Light as a Feather

Peace I need it Crave it so. My labyrinthine Neuropaths Started to slow My weak seratonin Has emptied my brain, And this line will most likely end with some Rain     Quiet I desire it To fill me Sedate me. And all of my tears Through the years They berate me.   Sweetness Tranquility... Continue Reading →

Just a drop of…me

I would take this as a diary entry if you like. Or if I LIKE . I'm just going to bleurgh it all out and if you want to read on.. please do. Otherwise... you know...there are crap loads of talented bloggers out there who would appreciate a like and a read , I'm sure.... Continue Reading →

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