Kind of funny (and a bit deep at the end)

Oh.... Poems that are sweet and cute You know I used to play the flute? irrelevant it seems, I know but people like these rhymes to flow. A flower or a sunset too Oh I know, Skies are sad and blue And nothing personal,  god no! Or deeper than an inch of snow Which made... Continue Reading →


There Are Tears

Last night I cried some tears for Sleep, (In sleep alone is where I weep) And though the dark I call my friend I pray that fate your heart will lend     For just a moment do I ask And surely Time's up to the task I'm sure a minute he can spare, I'd... Continue Reading →


Eyes drowning in the thoughts that pour out tears from the fractured beats that my heart makes as my mind checks on its beating companion and the butterflies in my stomach join my sense in a flutter of wings floating on a whim and a scent of love that never quite reaches the mind's spot... Continue Reading →

In my head and in my heart

In true 'me' form, I have been second guessing and rethinking everything I said yesterday. But I've said it now. It needed to be out, because inside, it was hurting. It hurts outside, too but the love and compassion I have received is...I really don't feel I deserve it at all. But I thank you... Continue Reading →

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