Hey, look. I’m naming the thing I’m doing…it’s a naughty Haiku (imagine me rolling my eyes here)

A haiku? Ugh. Fine. I touch my moist petals since You can't taste them. Yet.



I'm used to missing you this much. Accustomed to your absent touch Accepted your absconded kiss (My longing knows to press "dismiss") I'm used to loneliness And tears This deafening love in ringing ears. I'm used to waking up sans you And used to feeling heartbeats-blue I'm used to pain of missing part of  my... Continue Reading →

Shut Your Beautiful Fucking Mouth

Shut that beautiful fucking mouth of yours and stop all this love that you keep showering over me and stop all the words and verses and phrases of purple hazes of truity and gentleness and understanding and just shut your beautiful fucking mouth and kiss me. Stop all these words that make me lose my... Continue Reading →

There Are Tears

Last night I cried some tears for Sleep, (In sleep alone is where I weep) And though the dark I call my friend I pray that fate your heart will lend     For just a moment do I ask And surely Time's up to the task I'm sure a minute he can spare, I'd... Continue Reading →


Eyes drowning in the thoughts that pour out tears from the fractured beats that my heart makes as my mind checks on its beating companion and the butterflies in my stomach join my sense in a flutter of wings floating on a whim and a scent of love that never quite reaches the mind's spot... Continue Reading →

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