And so a cliche I've become, or something like a whoresome nun , and thoughts of us are wholesome none, they blaze above and slice the sun which tears to pieces one by one, my doorways that my demons shun. And memorable I try to be, before the deluge swallows me, of moaning lips both... Continue Reading →


The Professor and Selene: Chapter 4 – Lingering Inclinations

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Transcribed from Professor Aeneas' dictaphone: 2:45am (Heavy breathing) In all my years on this earth in this life, I have never felt such immense power emanate, palpably from a single person. She has no idea (Indistinct clattering) (Voice distant) ...dropped the damned...where is it...dropping things now, Aeneas. I haven't... Continue Reading →

Things in a box

In a chest there sits a box, and in this box, sits darkness, Nox. And in that darkness, sits a cup and from its dew I often sup. And in that cup there stands a flower, wilting slowly, hour by hour, and on its petals resting there, a soft and silver angel hair, upon that... Continue Reading →

Things and stuff

Tea pots often boil. Well, actually they boil if you switch on the heat, so it's not really their fault that they become scalding hot. Although their purpose is to be filled and get not hit you autocorrect monster, I meant HOT .How dare you presume to know my words before I have said... Continue Reading →

Only Here…

Touch my hand I need you so And in a cliche, don't let go. My lips that crave you, ache to feel A soft caress, a love to steal. Dark hair that whisps upon your skin, As deep I hunger here within, My rivers flow with raging beat It hits these parts that swell with... Continue Reading →


Tethered to this plane, I am One thread, it holds me here. It's made of Mother, Son and love, I grip it fast, no fear.   With gold and crystal threads it weaves Its power through my breast, And though the demons try to pull me, Pass I do, the test .   I often... Continue Reading →

I was…but now…

  Accustomed I am to disguising the light, to hiding from truth and from destiny's sight. Used to the comfort of being alone, in mind and in thoughts I have often found home. Cloistered  behind bolted doors , windows barred, I thrived in the darkness and hearts became hard. Forgotten of self and remembered through... Continue Reading →

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