In another place

The stars give the moon the kisses she needs to look down on us in this other place as we stay there in the moonlit sunset of fate's warm path in which I am forever young with you in love with you and years do not tiptoe past us because you know, time pauses between... Continue Reading →



When closing my eyes to the noise and the din, of the molten hot turmoil that screams from within.   I place myself softly within your embrace, and allow scenes of daydreams, this storm to misplace.   We sit on a shore where the only sound heard is the hushed whispered waves and your silken,... Continue Reading →

Not in love

I'm NOT in love. Not "floating on air" Not craving your touch to caress me Right there. And I'm not what you'd call, "A poor, sweet love sick fool" 'cause I'm far too "me me" Out of reach (That's the rule) I don't melt at the sound of your voice Nope Not me I do... Continue Reading →


What to do when love abounds, a song of lovers' nights resounds and then when all is said and done we start again and raise the sun.  We set the stage at curtain call and catch each other if we fall though always far and nearer still with words of love I cannot fill this... Continue Reading →


Somewhere in a dual realm, Where love lives free to overwhelm, Another you and I reside And there we have no cause to hide.   Therein a moon looks down and smiles- Encourages amorous wiles. At break of day, a sun beams bright And kisses bodies Warm delight.   And in this parallel dimension Understood... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m Just Too…

...kind and sweet? It can be a treat for some, or perhaps a vice. Being too nice can have its unattainable price to be paid and I can safely say, Charon's ride does not come cheap. But I won't venture into the Styx because this Goddess doesn't mix with devils and their tricks. ...too selfish... Continue Reading →

Tell me

What do you feel when I touch you this way? When I fill up your nights as dreams pull you away Do you love me and need me and crave for my kiss? Do you rage at the bitter unfairness of this? And what do you feel when I say I love you Does your... Continue Reading →

I Kissed Some Metaphors

I'll drink the moon alone tonight With bitten lips she'll taste my plight And fill my cup with love she might And drown I may, caught in her sight.     Within my mouth, this tongue's unrest Is silver laced, your will to test Deny I can't your sweet request To lay beside me, bodies... Continue Reading →

Heart Errands

I searched through raindrops, Wept through moons, Wiped away the much too soons, Sifted through the stars a while, Infinity revealed a smile, I lifted midnight's long egress Stripped my Goddess of her dress. Stood beyond myself in sight, And cast the veils from sleepless night. Within my hand I held a spell Enchanted it... Continue Reading →

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