Smouldering Vignette

She sits by the window looking down at the midnight street.  A glass of wine in hand, not having any attention paid to it by her, it idly sits in her hand as she is distracted by the moonlight and streetlight and night sounds of this city she doesn't know at all.  She sighs. The... Continue Reading →


Hard and slow…

I'm dreaming...   I sit on a window ledge. Outside it is pouring with rain and droplets drip, drip, slide down the window pane. I am mesmerised and watch them as they race towards me, pouring with every breath I take. I'm wearing nothing but a loose, sheer night shirt; it slouches off my shoulder... Continue Reading →

The Things I say…

About two of you out there will know that the last few weeks of "daily life" have been unusually calm and uneventful. I mean that in the best possible way. I have had peace of mind and body, I've been able to think a little clearer, I've been writing a little differently and have been... Continue Reading →

Entangled Thus

Walk with me in lands unknown, Where wild flowers bloom, lush...overgrown, Hold my hand and look my way, Usher me to light of day, And if the curtains I should draw, Coerce me out, unlock the door. We'll watch the stars and  moonlit night, I'll know it's you, Bathed in my light.  

Turn My Pages Like a Book

In bed. A short,  white, cotton nightdress. Nothing else. A warm, downy quilt embraces her. Something wakes her, a tingle up her spine. She reaches over to the pillow next to her , expecting to rest her hand on his bare chest. He's not there. 3 am. A glance at the window and she sees... Continue Reading →

How to Pause My Spirit

Cover me in blankets, please Place some pillows on my knees, Tie my feet with satin, tight Blindfold me with midnight's light. Scarves of silk should bind my lips, Looks of scorn, my fingertips (lest they wander on their own, to places warm that your hands own) On my stomach, anvil -lead Stop these lepidoptera,... Continue Reading →

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