And… one where I’m tooting my own horn. No, not like that, you pervs.

I can sip cheap ass booze if you want to. But I'm vintage wine



I'm used to missing you this much. Accustomed to your absent touch Accepted your absconded kiss (My longing knows to press "dismiss") I'm used to loneliness And tears This deafening love in ringing ears. I'm used to waking up sans you And used to feeling heartbeats-blue I'm used to pain of missing part of  my... Continue Reading →

Within a Metaphor

I sit within a metaphor, It holds me in its mind. I pour myself a glass of hope In love songs that I find.   I sing a verse of stolen time, And kiss the notes goodbye. Intoxicated on a word Of summer in your eyes.   I cry a tear and watch it burn ... Continue Reading →

In another place

The stars give the moon the kisses she needs to look down on us in this other place as we stay there in the moonlit sunset of fate's warm path in which I am forever young with you in love with you and years do not tiptoe past us because you know, time pauses between... Continue Reading →


When closing my eyes to the noise and the din, of the molten hot turmoil that screams from within.   I place myself softly within your embrace, and allow scenes of daydreams, this storm to misplace.   We sit on a shore where the only sound heard is the hushed whispered waves and your silken,... Continue Reading →

A little me time

Today I'll take some time for me I'll eat piles of junk food Watch trashy TV I'll leave all the toys and the mess On the floor So don't bother me (Leave the takeout at the door) I'll let all the laundry pile up ceiling high And the dishes can sit there Stranded High and... Continue Reading →

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