And…another naughty one but also kind of cute.

When you tell me you love me, it kind of turns me on,you know. So hot 



I'm used to missing you this much. Accustomed to your absent touch Accepted your absconded kiss (My longing knows to press "dismiss") I'm used to loneliness And tears This deafening love in ringing ears. I'm used to waking up sans you And used to feeling heartbeats-blue I'm used to pain of missing part of  my... Continue Reading →


When closing my eyes to the noise and the din, of the molten hot turmoil that screams from within.   I place myself softly within your embrace, and allow scenes of daydreams, this storm to misplace.   We sit on a shore where the only sound heard is the hushed whispered waves and your silken,... Continue Reading →

You Ruin Me

There was a time, my inner world- A spool of rotten cotton twirled Upon a spinning wheel of time Where every pain with rain would rhyme.   And outwardly, a portrait bleak Forgotten beauty Tear stained cheek. Where "fine" meant sad And "great" meant bad And lies were all I truly had.   With glue and... Continue Reading →

Kiss me

Come here and slowly place your lips upon that breath that I let escape my sanity but wait a moment and tease me a little with lips stroking my own with ease and meant to bes and maybe if you'll let me bite with slight greed your tongue that hangs upon my every word is... Continue Reading →

Tell me

What do you feel when I touch you this way? When I fill up your nights as dreams pull you away Do you love me and need me and crave for my kiss? Do you rage at the bitter unfairness of this? And what do you feel when I say I love you Does your... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter (kind of…)

She writes a sweet letter to him of Love True (the 'she' here is me and the 'him', well- that's you) She pauses her pen dripping ink of blue days above parchment that's love soaked in soft desire's haze. And she writes, 'Dearest love, I think only of you, and your love - all encompassing... Continue Reading →

Deeply Smouldering Vignette

(Another reblog for today...but one of my favourites. Most of you will have read it before.  This one makes me smile the most of all my naughty little vignettes. Enjoy ♥) *EXPLICIT*   The streets and pavements are still glistening and moist from the rain that has fallen and now the evening is wet with... Continue Reading →

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